6 Kids Drown While Families Watch In Louisiana

03 Aug

Add one part water and two parts stupidity, and you have the formula for disaster most any weekend on the lakes, rivers, and seashores of America.

A small (12") flounder I caught this spring and sent back to grow up.

Couple of weeks ago I was fishing in my favorite spot in an inlet to the Atlantic Ocean for Flounder. You typically use light tackle, as the delectable flat fish seldom get over 4-7 lbs and 24″ in length in the near shore waters.  Twice, something hit my line snapping the 17 lb test mono. The first time, I thought I had just hooked a rock, and as a idiot dragging his kid on a wakeboard zoomed by, his wake’s effect on my boat had caused the rod tip to bend double. The second time, I knew it was some sort of fish, and as it broke the 30lb leader on my top hook it was feeding off the bottom…

Had one of my heavy rigs aboard, which I always carry just in case. Heavy Penn Reel, strung with 65lb Spiderwire, and a Tuna Stick Rod capable of bringing in the “big boys” out in the deep water. Baited it up, and over the side in 25′ of water drifting back into 5′. In about 8′ of water, my Tuna Stick went double – with the drag on the reel screaming as the line played out.  By myself on the boat, I knew I couldn’t actually land whatever it was – but I wanted to see what was taking my line. 20 minutes of fighting later, I had my answer as I brought the fish up close enough to the surface to get a look, just before it took another dive and snapped the mono leader on my 65 lb line…

It was an 8′ Bull Shark. A big boy! (Or at least as big as I was likely to bring up on that rig)

This is an 8' Bull Shark. A "Teenager", they get (a lot) bigger to 14'. The guy in the picture is just to give a sense of scale.

Forget what you see in the movies about sharks and Great Whites. The shark which considers swimmers delectable snacks is the Bull Shark, which is responsible for about 90% of shark attacks. They feed in the shallows, sometimes in water only 2 feet deep.

Wake Boarders would be considered a between meal snack.

Then there is this case of stupidity on the water – resulting in 6 kids drowning…

6 La. Teens Drown in River; None Could Swim

Six Louisiana teenagers died tragically Monday after a swimming party turned into a desperate effort to save one another from drowning.

The Shreveport teens from at least two families drowned in the Red River after they were playing in shallow water then stepped off a ledge into an 18-foot sinkhole.

The victims, who ranged from 13 to 18 years old, died while trying to save one another.

“They were out here with some adults. But unfortunately, neither the children nor the adults could swim,” Shreveport Assistant Fire Chief Fred Sanders told the Associated Press.

Family react as police and fire officials scour the beach in Shreveport, La. on Monday, in search of teens believed to have drowned while swimming in the Red River.

Family reacts

A seventh teenager, a 14-year-old, was rescued. Authorities said they would hold a news conference on Tuesday to give more details about the deaths.

An emergency crew arrived after police received a call around 6:30 p.m. about one person drowning.

It took officials approximately 10 minutes to find the sinkhole, and that’s when they learned that there were multiple drowning victims.  By 10:30 p.m., all the bodies were recovered.

Marilyn Robinson, a friend of the victims, witnessed as the five males and one female disappeared under the water. She said a big group of friends and family, including 20 kids, had gotten together to have a nice time.

“They were yelling ‘Help me, help me. Somebody please help me,’ Robinson told the Shreveport Times. She added she did not know how to swim. “It was nothing I could do but watch them drown one by one.”

The area is a popular hot-spot to picnic, fish and go wading.

Sanders aid the city had never experienced a tragedy of this magnitude.

“It’s devastating,” he said.

You mean to tell me, you let the whole damn family out in a river…


In Louisiana which is half underwater half the time anyway?

Make that 3 parts stupidity.


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8 responses to “6 Kids Drown While Families Watch In Louisiana

  1. Erica Mitchell

    August 3, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    I think this is a tragedy, that could have been prevented, if this is a spot where people fish and swim, there should be warning signs posted for adults to caution themselves, as well as their children. I am feeling so much anguish behind this, that family is suffering a great deal, to watch someone you love die and know the only two choices you have is pray or jump in and die with them. Thats a tough decision, and I think there were some heroes, those teens, knew what it meant to be a family, they were brave enough to risk their own lives trying to save one another. This incident is very disturbing, and my prayers go up for the victims and their families.


    • btx3

      August 3, 2010 at 4:42 PM

      The only positive thing which I hope comes out of this is to encourage some folks to take swimming lessons and a water safety course.


  2. nanakwame

    August 3, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    The amount of black chidlren who can not swim today just boggles my mind. We must go back to teaching play skills as life learning skills. Where is the childhood


    • btx3

      August 3, 2010 at 4:40 PM

      I don’t know, Nana! I didn’t learn to swim until I was a teenager – but that was because of the fact that during segregation there were no pools you could swim in. Learned to swim spending summers on a Native American Reservation on the ocean where everybody knew how to swim!

      That is no excuse today for not having at least 1 Adult who could swim nearby – or even a couple of float toys that could be tossed out to someone.


  3. Janell Bender Bonds

    August 4, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    My prayers go out to both families. You know it’s easy to say what we would have done or to make negative comments towards this situation. However, tragedy happens so fast. Although this is a very sad situation, I do commend the teenagers that tried to help their family members while also losing their lives. And to the parents, I am so sorry. There is no worse feeling to see your kids needing your help and you can’t help them. But through all this just remember, God makes no mistakes and He is going to watch over your angels. Yes everyone need to know how to swim but this is no time to talk down or point fingers at anyone. Once again, I am very sorry for your loss and always remember God is with you through the good and bad.


    • btx3

      August 4, 2010 at 12:23 PM

      Here’s a heads up.

      Anyplace considered a “good fishing spot” on a River or lake, is usually a lousy swimming spot unless you are a good swimmer and know the dangers.

      Fishermen look for steep dropoffs and bottom “structure” (sunken trees and rocks), because thats where the fish congregate. Both of those things are a danger to the unaware swimmer, and are deadly to folks who can’t swim.


    • Theresa Banks

      August 4, 2010 at 4:10 PM

      My prayers go out to the familys in this time of need.God will walk with you all every step of the way there is no answers why things happen. They are such heros they went down together and tried to save one another,and went up together to watch over there familys as angels together that is love true love,and truthfully the world doesnt have enough of it,may you stay strong and comfort one another in time it will get easier to bear. God is with you evey step of the way.


  4. prince

    August 4, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    I cried when I read this, how they sacrficed their lives to SAVE one another. even though they couldnt swim, ay god be with the familys and any-one that has anything mean or ill spirited to say should stop and think that tragedy will and can hit any-one at any given time or place so dont be cruel. try to pray for the parents so they can find some type of peace in thier lives in the future



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