Chris Mattews – AA for White Guys in the NBA

This one is funny! Matthews is obviously putting Buchanan on… Which will probably generate a veritable poop-storm on conservative rags.

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7 Responses

  1. Honestly, Outside-The-Lines recently did a special on the low number of white players in the NBA. The rumor is that: The league implemented the Zone defense to help white players.

    • I don’t buy that, Yes. Too many ballers with funny eastern European names are making it in pro-ball, both here in the US and in Europe.

      I think the problem is that too many white American kids have been told they can’t play. The Eastern European kids have never heard that.

      Second – while the quality of players is higher, I don’t think the quality of play in NBA is anything to brag about.

  2. I always assumed that more whites didn’t turn pro because they didn’t want to be in the minority or didn’t want to be associated with ‘thugs’. LOL

  3. There are only 360 active roster spots and another 90 jobs where players are inactive but on some teams roster. The taller and more athletic you are, the better your chances to make it in the NBA. This year’s draft had the fewest European players than in recent years, so that trend has faded. If Dirk or Nash can win it all, you might see a resurgence, but how likely is that.

  4. It is all about Show Time, if you are white and can deal, they will get you in. College basketball is more to the true nature of basketball. There has always been an AA for whites in major sports, since we broke the color line.
    White kids also face the family bias of do not follow the n_gers path. You heard this long ago in Public Service jobs, now the Eastern Euros in NY are all in the public fields today

  5. BTW – If following Mad Men, they mention the killing of the Civil RIghts workers in the 1960’s

  6. @ BTX.

    The great thing about the European players are they have the fundamentals and teamwork aspect down to a tee. Now, you also had a few failures from Europe (i.e.Darko Milicic and Nickoloz Tskitishvili) . Also, The number of rounds now consists of two instead of seven from the eighties. Meaning, a team only has two picks and any player selected after first round is not guaranteed a shot on the team.

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