Tea Party Federation’s David Webb Buckdances and Jives In Response to Direct Questions

Apparently David Webb got taken out to the woodshed last night after kicking Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express out of the Federation. Notice how evasive Mr. Webb gets in response to direct questioning…

The point here is Mr. Webb is trying to do a backpedal. Oh No! What Massa Williams said isn’t “racist”!

Now the truth of the matter is the Tea Party Federation only represents a very small portion of the overall Tea Party – possibly only a few thousand people. What it is beginning to look like is Webb was selected to put a black face on things…

And he gleefully buckdanced right on out front and center.

The racist Tea Partier’s Black Supporter of the Year… Indeed.

Tea Party Black Supporter of the Year - Mr. David Webb!

3 Responses

  1. “I didn’t find that racist, I am above that…They did not strike me as clearly racist…offensive, but not racist” WTF is David Webb drinking!

  2. Dawg – There simply is no “middle” anymore in American Politics. And THAT is the problem. When the right allowed the takeover by the whackjob Tea Party folks, they deionized just about everyone to the left of Attila the Hun. A lot of folks got left out in the massive shift right, who may not agree with progressives…

    But have even more serious heartburn with the extreme right that has taken over.

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