The Sno’ Ho’ Dissed By College Kids

Picked up on a live Mike were the comments by Cal State students after suffering through a Sno’ Ho’ babble…”Now we know what is the dumbest of the dumb”!

11 Responses

  1. Good!!

  2. I am glad that Palin didn’t physically assault these college students as did the Democratic congressman did a few weeks ago.

    • The Sno’ Ho’ ain’t a Congressman… She ain’t even a Governor anymore – only serving half her term before running away.

  3. “as did the democratic congressman did”

    porche doing his bit to uphold the standard for Shameful Shit….,

    • KCNulan:

      I doubt that the Bloods that you teach Linux to are always grammatically perfect either.

      In fact you don’t hold THIS nor the fact that they have sold drugs into their own community and transacted violence against their own people against them. Why hate on me for a typo?

  4. Crips cuz…., get it straight!!!

  5. Is CS comparing his grammatical skills to Bloods? …er, Crips? Shouldn’t he be held to a higher standard? Wouldn’t that be the conservative point of view?

    • Porch is barely literate – and one of the few black folks that visit the blogs who is capable of rendering computer type illegible.

  6. In the poor simian’s defense BT, he’s got 37 blogs of his own, boogarrising, the fayetteville Citizen, and sundry Parallel Hood blogs like yours and mine to randomly fling fecal prevarications at – so is it really even fair to expect him to do any better?

    • He only gets 1 hit a day on each blog…

      Counting his own maintenance visit.

      He has bought his way into Skinny’s heart – apparently contributing enough $$$ to be allowed to guest blog to her audience.

      Rather mercenary on Skinny’s part.

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