Real Euro-trash At the Beach!

27 May

Hey Gulf Folks – You got your oil spill…

We, on the Atlantic Coast have our Eurotrash!


UPDATE-Space Debris on Hilton Head Island may be part of European Rocket

Debris Washed up on Hilton Head Island Beach

Folks on Hilton Head Island beach got a big surprise Saturday. That’s where a piece of air and space debris washed ashore. The metal piece, about the size of a car, washed up along Hilton Head Island beach near Palmetto Dunes late Saturday afternoon. These are pictures from a viewer in the area.

Initially, it was thought the debris may be part of a jet engine or possibly a satellite or booster rocket. By Sunday, authorities confirmed it may indeed be a piece from a European rocket. Captain Toby McSwain from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s office tells us that officials from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) apparently were called in to analyze the debris. “We just heard they believe it’s from a rocket, we don’t know where it may have come from or when this rocket would have been launched,“ McSwain tells us. McSwain also says that the debris was hauled away from the beach Sunday afternoon but it’s appearance has created an interesting situation for Hilton Head. Apparently the city will be stuck trying to figure out how to dispose of it. According to McSwain, the debris (about 30 feet long) was taken to the Hilton Head Facilities Management Office for the time being. “I guess the city has to decide what to do with it now,“ McSwain says.

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