NY State Senator Sen. Kevin Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists…

29 Apr

More fun in the New York Senate, which would be the laughingstock of America sans Arizona and Utah!Apparently Senator Parker’s background is a colorful addendum to the infamous antics of NY pols – being known for a quick temper and facility to engage in fisticuffs with Meter Maids and members of the media.

In Facebook rant, Hothead Sen. Kevin Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists(sic)

Diaz merely laughed when the comments were relayed to him. “I call things as I take them,” Diaz said. “Kevin Parker has to pull his act together.”

Apparently some folks aren’t pleased with Governor David Paterson’s response –

Paterson Defends Parker?

Gov. Paterson is hardly shooting down Sen. Kevin Parker’s contention that the Senate is filled with white supremacists, DN State Capitol Bureau Chief Ken Lovett reports:

During an appearance on public radio’s “The Capitol Press Room,” host Susan Arbetter noted that Paterson served for years in the state Senate with many of the same people who are there now, including Republican Sens. Thomas Libous of Binghamton, Dale Volker of Buffalo and John DeFrancisco of Syracuse.

Asked if he ever felt that members of the GOP were racist or had racist tendencies, Paterson said, “not against any of those three individuals.”

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