Bill Kristol Discovers CALEA – or, Juan Williams Grows a Pair

27 Apr

Not sure what is happening with Juan Williams here, this is the second or third time he’s shown a spine in contradicting the Faux News talking head story line.

Now, Kristol was a full fledged supporter of the Patriot Act, which incorporated and expanded legislation passed back in the 90’s called CALEA, which required ISPs to save electronic communication for a period of 3 years – such that the Government could “wiretap” conversations going back for that time period.

In 2005, talking about the Mukasey confirmation –

Judging also by what Mukasey has written and said outside the courtroom about the Patriot Act and related matters, we can be confident he’ll be effective at making the case before Congress and the public for tough legislation and sound policies on national security issues.

Mukasey’s view of the Patriot Act can be found here – ‘The Spirit of Liberty’ – Before attacking the Patriot Act, try reading it.

Now isn’t it interesting that Mr. Kristol has suddenly found an issue with the Patriot Act/CALEA – now that his own private ox benefactor criminals are being gored?

Goof job, Juan – but if you keep this up you’ll have to find a job on another network!


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