NY Gov. David Paterson – Budget Battles and Conservative Welfare Queens

16 Apr

The State of New York is $9.2 billion underwater this year. With a New York Senate in virtual gridlock, this means spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to cut and how. The NY Legislature is again – Missing in Action.

The NY Legislature has left town with no budget, leaving the status of a number of things in doubt. It now appears that the State’s once ubiquitous Off Track Betting Parlors are out of business. The results of the budget crisis will also be felt in the Parks and Schools. One of the other issues is State employee salaries, which have risen 3% in each of the last 3 years, and are scheduled to rise 4% this year.

Lastly – yesterday was “Tax Day”, where a bunch of Republican Tea Bagger clowns running around the country protesting whatever.  Governor Paterson points out indirectly that the states which are in the Republican Red Zone, are the ideological center of the Tea Baggers – and are now threatening to raise Militias to protect themselves from the “evil” Federal Government…

Are the biggest Welfare Queens in the country.

There are at least 25 states that get more Federal aid back than they pay in to the system. Of those 25, 19 are “red states,” i.e., voted Republican in the last presidential election.

For example, Gov. Sanford’s South Carolina gets back $1.35 for each dollar paid in federal taxes. Gov. Jindal’s Louisiana gets $1.78 on every dollar sent in.  And Gov. Palin’s Alaska gets a whopping $1.84 in federal aid for every dollar it sends to Washington.

And that’s not counting stimulus funds.

On the flip side, Michigan — with a 12.6% unemployment rate — loses 8 cents on every dollar it sends in federal taxes. California (10.4% unemployment), gives up 22 cents. Illinois, 25 cents. And New Jersey (8.2%), coughs up 39 cents on every dollar of federal tax paid. All of them are, of course, blue states — and they’re not the only ones.

That is, these Red States tend to receive a lot more Federal Tax money than they pay out. So when these Tea Bagger monkeys jump up and down about their “taxes” – you need to remember that in large part, they are not paying the freight for the services they receive. Federal spending doesn’t create jobs? OK – let’s shut down a few of those big arsed Military Bases in the Red Zone, and let’s see about those “jobs”.

The right wing wants to play “Starve the Beast“, and obstruction – maybe it’s time to take that down to the State level – and put some of these Bozos on a “Pay as you go” plan.

Meanwhile, in New York…

The End Of OTB?

Absent action from the state Legislature on a bailout plan proposed by Gov. David Paterson, OTB will shut its doors permanently on Sunday.

Gov. Paterson announced in a statement Wednesday that he, along with Assembly and Senate leaders and OTB put together a temporary solution to keep OTB afloat, but that action is unlikely because the state legislature had recessed for the week.

“Today, after weeks of intensive negotiations with Senate and Assembly leadership, I submitted agreed upon legislation that provided for an interim solution to keep New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation (NYCOTB) operating. This plan included no additional commitment of taxpayer dollars. However, the Legislature adjourned before acting on the bill,” the statement read.

Paterson Delays School Aid, Citing State’s Lack of Money

Gov. David A. Paterson ordered the delay of $2.1 billion in aid payments to local school districts on Tuesday, saying the state did not have enough cash to pay bills and still end the fiscal year with its budget balanced.

Mr. Paterson made the announcement after he and the Legislature failed to agree on a budget deal for the fiscal year that begins on Thursday, a deal that was expected to include provisions to cover the state’s cash crunch for the fiscal year that is ending.

Lawmakers: Parks need cash now

As the state enters its third week without a budget, two legislators are calling for parks funding to be included in the emergency spending bills Gov. David Paterson is drafting to fund the bare necessities of the state.

The budget was due April 1, and delays have meant that the 41 parks and 14 historic sites that Paterson proposed for funding cuts do not have money for staff. The Assembly and Senate passed budget proposals that restored the $6.3 million Paterson hoped to save through the closures, but an overall budget agreement has

“It was a very disappointing letter, coming from the federal government, intruding on how we run New York state and how we balance our budget, when in fact it’s the same federal government that collects $86.7 billion more in taxes than we get back,” Paterson said. “When is somebody going to get that we’re in a recession? Of all people, I would have thought that the federal government would have known that.”


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3 responses to “NY Gov. David Paterson – Budget Battles and Conservative Welfare Queens

  1. Constructive Feedback

    April 17, 2010 at 1:19 AM

    BET Uncut:

    Would you agree to reduce our Federal taxation and instead have the states receive more of these funds?

    I BET YOU that if this was the case – the Progressive Fundamentalists would be the primary people violently opposed to such a change in funding.

    WHY don’t you do a more granular inspection, going below the STATE LEVEL? Why not a zipcode by zipcode review?

    If you did this you would find that your words closely parallel that of White racists who tell of how their money flows into poor and minority districts.


    • btx3

      April 17, 2010 at 10:18 AM

      No – even if we, as you hypothesize – take that tax distribution issue down to the community level, Porch…

      Wealthier communities are not, by and large subsidizing poor communities. Which is why there is such a differential in schools and services between well off communities and poor communities.

      In South Carolina, your Massa’s have applied that differential, which means vast differences between black and white schools.

      Read –

      But good try as sucking conservative Massa’s penis.


  2. jmb27

    April 17, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    Predatory Lending is a major contributor to the economic turmoil we are currently experiencing.

    Here is an example of what I am talking about:
    Scott Veerkamp / Predatory Lending (Franklin Township School Board Member.)

    Please review this information from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley regarding deceptive lending practices:
    “Steering payments were made to brokers who enticed unsuspecting homeowners into deceptive and expensive mortgages. These secret bonus payments, often called Yield Spread Premiums, turned home mortgages into a SCAM.”

    The Center for Responsible Lending says YSP “steals equity from struggling families.”
    1. Scott collected nearly $10,000 on two separate mortgages using YSP and junk fees. 2. This is an average of $5,000 per loan. 3. The median value of the properties was $135,000. 4. Clearly, this type of lending represents a major ripoff for consumers.



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