Faux News Anchor Gets Teabagged!

15 Apr

This is world class stupid!

BJ Penn is one of the top stars in the UFC. He is promoting his new book.

Here, a Faux News Anchor, outweighing Penn by 40 pounds seriously tries and take Penn on – with predictable results. And Penn is being a good sport about this, and just holding the anchorman down before moving him into a decidedly gentile Kamora!

I wrestled at the collegiate level, so I have a pretty good appreciation of the skills levels, and techniques utilized by the UFC fighters in their “ground game”. Many of these guys come out of college level, and Olympic level wrestling – and enhance those skill sets with Greco-Roman style, jujitsu, and Brazilian style. And that doesn’t even get into the striking styles they use in the “stand up”. This is an incredibly dangerous sport, with world class athletes competing at the UFC level.

Ergo, this is like Joe the Plumber challenging Muhammad Ali to a boxing match in his heyday…

And this anchor is huffing and puffing to try and show Penn up?


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2 responses to “Faux News Anchor Gets Teabagged!

  1. t-shirts101

    April 16, 2010 at 7:05 AM

    Fox News Anchor = arrogance, or ignorance – take your pick. I mean, c’mon. What did he really expect? If he did his due diligence and saw Penn actually fight for real, he would’ve never tried that ish.


    • btx3

      April 16, 2010 at 8:21 AM

      A lot of the guys, particularly in the lighter weight classes come out of collegiate and Olympic level wrestling. One of the things guys, particularly in the lighter weight classes do in training is to wrestle guys who are a couple of weight classes up. Since you can’t out muscle the larger guy at your skill and training level, it teaches the use of leverage, technique, and speed over raw strength.

      These sports emphasize speed. flexibility, and balance – and as such, the top guys may not look like people’s images of a muscle bound, imposing person. A guy like Kimbo Slice, who has huge muscles – isn’t in the same universe as a guy like Anderson Silva, who is fit looking – but isn’t built like a Mack Truck like Kimbo.

      What I like about the sport is the skill level. What I don’t like is some of the moves, such as knees to the head – which I feel put the fighters at risk of serious, and permanent injury. They have prohibited some of the really dangerous stuff, like strikes to the joints and neck area – and some of the throws…

      But this still is a very dangerous sport.



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