Proof That Conservatism Will Drive Some Black Folks Crazy

23 Mar

They need to start treating Tomism as a mental illness. Conservatism will make you sick in the head – as well as stupid. You don’t believe that then look at the group of Tea Baggers slobbering at the mouth like they got rabies shouting the “N-word” and other curses at Congressmen. These two have taken your normal run-of-the-mill Tomism as evinced by those black conservatives whose sole role in life is to defend white conservatives against charges of racism…

To a whole new whack-job level.

Black Conservative Blogger, Solomon (Solly) Forell, Calls for Assassination of President Obama Over Health Care Reform

According to Jezebel, Solomon (Solly) Forell, a self-described black conservative blogger, used his public Twitter account to urge the assassination of President Barack Obama because of the passage of the massive health care reform legislation.

A second message from Solly Forrel is even more ominous.

Jay Martin Says on His Twitter Account “If I Lived in D.C. I’d Shoot Him Myself,” in Reference to President Obama

Jay Martin, who graduated from Vatterott Colleger with a degree in Information Technology, let his frustrations over the health care reform legislation be known on his Twitter account, in which he maintains his position as an anti-New World Order conspiracy theorist via his wallpaper.

Newsone grabbed some of his tweets:

If the FBI comes knocking tomorrow I wouldn’t give a f. I didn’t do anything wrong. Sh. the record might give me street cred..

No..But my account has been reported the FBI account on here..# RT @ForeverDarra @THHEEE_JAY are ppl threatenin u?

But when it comes to their own GOVERNMENT..they are f CLUELESS. and they expect me to waste MY time explaining? F tha

Who said I was being funny? When I said he should be assassinated I MEANT THAT S! F Obama! Fthe FBI. I don’t care! @mdrwhitener

Read the Bill Of Rights… Then look at every law / bill that has been passed SINCE then. You’re Liberties are GONE!

If you voted for that Mother fr ..Just unfollow me.. I hate everything @BarackObama stands for. FYou AND him. Period.

If I lived in DC i’d shoot him myself.. Point Blank. Dead F Serious. RT @Blckdiamond_20 @THHEEE_JAY do you really feel like that ? You should be Assassinated!! @BarackObama. Source: Newsone


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3 responses to “Proof That Conservatism Will Drive Some Black Folks Crazy

  1. CNu

    March 23, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    have these two porche’s been picked up yet by the gendarmes?


    • btx3

      March 23, 2010 at 3:57 PM

      The first has been visited – the second should be shortly.

      Both these clowns are looking at 5 years. I think the Secret Service amusement level with these bozos is probably shot to hell right about now.

      Got another one which popped up on a black neo-Nazi skinhead…


  2. Yes

    March 24, 2010 at 8:40 AM




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