The Strange Story if “Jihad Jane”

10 Mar

This is the strange story of a Pennsylvania woman who filled the Internet with her passion for supporting violent Jihad against western countries. Shortly after the Nigerian “Underwear Bomber” was caught, the howls of right wingers to racially profile and that the Obama Administration was failing in the “War” on Terror were resounding.

Strawberry blond haired Jihad Jane would have made a mockery of that racial profiling now… Wouldn’t she?

Proving once again that the biggest danger to our country probably isn’t swarthy men from the Middle East…

But white conservative’s, and their wholly owned subsidiary – the Tom Squad’s racism and stupidity.

This one appears to be about on a par with the New York Synagogue Bombers, who had no explosives, rockets, or guns but were going to blow up a Jewish Synagogue anyway, and the South Florida 7 – who couldn’t even afford clothes, much less guns. It will be interesting to see if Jihad Jane gets the same tough justice in the Judicial System.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this June 26, 1997 booking photo released by the Tom Green County Jail in San Angelo, Texas, is shown Colleen R. LaRose. LaRose, the self-described "Jihad Jane" who thought her blond hair and blue eyes would let her blend in as she sought to kill an artist in Sweden, is a rare case of an American woman aiding foreign terrorists and shows the evolution of the global threat, authorities say. LaRose is accused in an indictment filed Tuesday, March 9, 2010, of actively recruiting fighters, as well as agreeing to murder the artist, marry a terrorism suspect so he could move to Europe and martyr herself if necessary. (AP Photo/Tom Green County Jail)

Jihad Jane, American who lived on Main Street

The Pennsylvania woman who dubbed herself Jihad Jane is an American who lived literally on Main Street in an apartment where she spent much time online, posting messages saying she was “desperate to do something” to help Muslims.

Colleen LaRose, a 46-year-old who converted to Islam, has been indicted, accused of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and kill a person in a foreign country, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

She was not well known in her neighborhood in Pennsburg, an hour north of Philadelphia. One of her neighbors reacted to the news by saying, “It scares the hell out of me.”

LaRose was arrested October 15, officials say, but that was kept under wraps to protect another ongoing investigation. She’s in custody in Philadelphia and faces arraignment in a week.

The Justice Department has said LaRose and five co-conspirators recruited men on the Internet “to wage violent jihad in South Asia and Europe, and recruited women on the Internet who had passports and the ability to travel to and around Europe in support of violent jihad.”

LaRose, who is reportedly divorced, was very active online, authorities say.

In one posting on a social networking site, she wrote about marrying a Muslim man overseas.

In February 2008, she wrote: “Asalamalakum [peace be unto you]. You make me so happy, I cannot put into words. Inshallah [God willing] one day I will be at your side as your wife and never leave your side.”

Four months later, she called herself Jihad Jane in a message saying she was “desperate to do something somehow to help” Muslims.

From December 2008 to October 2009, LaRose engaged in electronic communication with the five co-conspirators about their shared desires to wage jihad and become martyrs, according to the indictment.

LaRose is also linked to the online organization — where she was a subscriber, again using the name Jihad Jane. The site is run by an American Muslim who has called the Army psychiatrist accused of a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, a hero.

Another American Jihadist is shown in the following video. He appears to have been arrested about 10 minutes after broadcasting this video by Pakistani Authorities –

It’s hard out there for a white guy trying to be an Islamic terrorist…


more about “Jihad Jane“, posted with vodpod
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