Bad News For The Fright-Wingers!

09 Mar

This is indeed going to send the fright-wingers and their captive Uncle Tom squad into conniptions…

Black folks are going to vote, again!

New poll finds blacks motivated to vote in November

Democrats facing strong headwinds this election season have at least one reason for optimism. A poll found that the party’s large African-American voting bloc is eager to stay involved even without President Barack Obama on the ballot.

About two-thirds of black adults in four states say they are closely following news about the upcoming November elections, and between 74 percent and 80 percent say they are very likely to vote, according to the poll, conducted by the nonpartisan Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. The organization surveyed 500 African-Americans in each state — Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas and South Carolina — all of which have Senate races in November.

How many of those voters follow through with their intentions will help determine if Democrats hold control of Congress. In many competitive congressional districts, blacks make up a quarter of the electorate, and they vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Their surge during Obama’s 2008 victory is widely credited with helping sweep many Democrats into office who might have otherwise lost.

David Bositis, a researcher at the institute who directed the poll, said turnout will surely be lower than the poll’s findings. But he said the numbers suggest continued enthusiasm.

“I think the Obama election and the fact that there is an African-American president is something of a game-changer,” he said. “African-Americans feel like they have a real investment in President Obama … I think it’s a major motivating factor.”

The poll found that the economy and health care reform are the top two issues on black voters’ minds heading into the midterm election.

Blame it on the boogie…indeed!


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2 responses to “Bad News For The Fright-Wingers!

  1. Constructive Feedback

    March 10, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    My dear friend BET Uncut.
    RARELY do you think deeply enough for your own good.

    You see – the key is not to focus upon the MOTIVATION OF BLACKS TO VOTE. There is a long, long, long history of the Negro voting as such.

    What you NEED TO focus upon is the EFFECTIVE RESULTS of what he has received upon voting…..especially when he votes in a manner that makes you proud.

    Were the people in East Baltimore not motivated to vote?

    What has Donna Edwards done for her district this far aside from advocating for laborers that will compete for jobs against Black people?

    Are you really in line with your claims?


    • btx3

      March 11, 2010 at 12:25 AM

      I’ve never been able to get my head up may ass, which for you…

      Passes as “deep thinking”, Porch Simian. Indeed, unlike your kin – I’ve never wanted to try.

      As I have stated before, Porch Simian – I live in Northern Virginia.

      So I’m not sure what Donna Edwards, who is a Congresswoman from Maryland – which hopefully in one of your 6 times through third grade you learned is another state … (Even if you are too stupid to remember it, ensconced as you are as the only black fool in a trailer park.)

      Have to do with me? Other than in you little pointy shit-for-brains filled head…



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