Palace Revolts – Democrat/Republican

07 Mar

Both the Democrats and Republicans are having a bit of a problem with their bases.

On the Democrat side, frustrated by the continued timidity and failure of their elected representatives, Progressives have decided to go after the Blue Dogs. The record number of retirements this year also is a result of discontent in the base.

Democrat’s best hope right now – is the Republicans self-destruct. That hope couldn’t exactly be described as forlorn anymore.


Democratic activists channel anger into Arkansas Senate race

Democratic activists flooding money into a primary challenge against Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) say the race isn’t simply about defeating the incumbent. It is also about rebuking a Democratic-controlled Congress that they say isn’t pursuing an aggressive, populist agenda.

After Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter announced Monday that he would challenge Lincoln, liberal donors from groups such as poured more than $1 million into his campaign, an unusually high sum for the first two days of campaigning. Liberals blasted Lincoln with anti-Washington rhetoric that sounded more like the conservative tea party movement. The groups are particularly critical of her opposition to the public option, as it is known, in the health-care bill and her support in 2008 for a Wall Street bailout.

The primary contest illustrates the challenge Democrats face in trying to please activists who worked hard to elect President Obama and congressional Democrats and now want to see results. They also want to lure independent voters who helped the party win the 2006 and 2008 elections but now express wariness about the Democratic agenda.

“As Bill Halter says, Washington is broken. It’s really remarkable when you have a strong Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate and a Democratic president and still not get a lot of things passed,” said Charles Chamberlain, political director for the activist group Democracy for America, which has encouraged its members to donate to Halter. “Some of that blame rests on Republicans, but the Democratic Party is not standing up to lead.”

On the Republican side – embarrassed by the Party’s antics, continued shift into right-wingdizzie land, and insulted by the recent RNC fundraising memo which made fun of donors… The Big donors are deserting in droves.

GOP Donor Backs Off After RNC Fund-Raising Appeal

A Republican donor “ashamed” of a recent controversial GOP fund-raising presentation says that he “will no longer contribute” to any organized Party effort, reports Politico.
Mark DeMoss, the head of a Christian public relations firm in Atlanta, wrote in a letter to RNC chair Michael Steele — which he shared with Politico — that he would continue to contribute to individual candidates.
The presentation by RNC Finance Director Rob Bickhart at a GOP meeting in Boca Grande, Fla., encouraged using “fear” to solicit contributions, depicted President Obama as Batman villain the Joker, and also caricatured House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
In the letter, DeMoss called those depictions “shameful, immature and uncivil, at best.”
Some wealthy contributors are shunning the Republican National Committee and donating instead to the other GOP campaign committees or directly to candidates – in many cases because of discontent with the leadership of Michael S. Steele, the party’s national chairman.

“I don’t plan to give to the Republican National Committee this cycle, and no other major donor I know is planning to either,” Christine Toretti, a Pennsylvania RNC member and a longtime major donor to the RNC and other GOP campaign committees and causes, told The Washington Times.

Steele’s side pursuits drive away big donors


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2 responses to “Palace Revolts – Democrat/Republican

  1. Greg L

    March 7, 2010 at 7:05 PM

    Hey BT,

    I think the republicans have been trying to hem in Steele really from the outset of his chairmanship. He hasn’t been playing the token role they really wanted him to, but had been trying to drive the party in another direction by making the tent bigger. The far right wing doesn’t want a big tent and they really want this guy to give a veneer of “diversity” without actually running the RNC. Everyone knows that if the republicans could garner about 5% or so more of the black vote that they’d be more competitive in some contests and that’s why Steele is there IMO. So the intent is to leave him in the position, but take away his budget which effectively makes him an emperor without clothes. This ain’t new but really started when he pissed off Limbaugh by referring to him as an “entertainer” and not representative of the republican party. Even though he apologized profusely for that after being called on it, the die was cast at that point.


    • btx3

      March 7, 2010 at 9:35 PM

      I think they knew what the got when they bought Steele, Greg. Damaged goods with a telegenic personality. The right end of the Republican Party was never going to accept Steele, simply based on his race. He’s proven to be exactly what they paid for, which is sleazy – but able to give good talking head on TV.

      With the donors leaving – Mikkie is toast.



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