Kentucky Rethugly Screws His Own State to Spite Democrats

Senator Bunning of Kentucky single highhandedly blocked jobs legislation in the Senate which would have extended jobless benefits to tens of thousands of his constituents.

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3 Responses

  1. BET Uncut:

    Why is it that the Obama Administration demands that all corporations and banks that take federal bailout money PAY IT BACK and/or have an industry fee so that these funds can be restored to the treasury BUT when it comes to Unemployment Insurance, Direct Mortgage Aid and Jobs programs – the Obama Administration doesn’t spew such venom upon the individuals.

    MIGHT IT BE because CORPORATIONS DON’T VOTE that he can assume the differing disposition to those who draw upon the Federal Treasury?

    • There are about 17,000 Banks in the US left standing, and maybe 10 companies who took recovery money…

      There are 150,000,000 non-corporate citizen voters.

      So we give each corporation one vote.

      Now – you quit your day job, sucking white conservative penis, and run for office winning all those corporate votes.

      Bad news, Porch Simian – it’s back to the Golden Arches for you, trying to figure out how the kitchen ketchup dispenser always knows the exact amount of ketchup to put on a Quarter Pounder!

  2. My friend BET Uncut:

    Do you mind if I use your blog to warn your loyal followers to always do more context checking BEFORE believing you? Failing to do so they are not likely to hear the facts.


    * The Democratic Controlled Senate passed ‘PAY-GO” rules. No new spending would be passed unless there are CUTS that offset them.

    It seems that Jim Bunting is a bad guy because HE IS ACTUALLY FOLLOWING what his Democratic Counterparts in the Senate agreed to sign their name too a short time ago. They were playing it seems.

    Also BET Uncut – think about it – IF ONE SENATOR can trip up SPENDING………………why is it that on this 4TH CONGRESS controlled by the Democrats no Democratic Senator expressed the courage to BLOCK THE IRAQ WAR SPENDING since they were against the war?

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