Drug Use in Venezuela

What is Chavez smoking?

Boy needs to come up here and join the Republican Party…

To be with the rest of the fruitcakes like Robertson, Beck and Limbaugh.

Guys – I’ve been to Venezuela. They have the finest women in the world. They win the International Beauty contests like the US Basketball Team wins in the Olympics.

Hugo needs to spend a few days on one of their gorgeous beaches, preferably out of the sun…

And get back to reality.

3 Responses

  1. Are you serious about the women in Venezuela? I thought Brazil had the finest looking women in South America?


    • Beauty is a national obsession in Venezuela, and the Miss Venezuela Contests are the National Olympics.

      Under the direction of Osmel Sousa, Venezuela has accumulated more international titles than any other country, including six Miss Universe winners, five Miss World winners, and five Miss International winners.

      While few black women have historically participated in the Miss Venezuela pageant, this has been changing in recent years. Recent success stories include Carolina Indriago (winner, 1998); Angélica Guvernez (fourth, 1998); Dayra Lambis (fifth, 1998); Aineta Stephens (fourth, 2000); and Stephanie Thomas (fourth, 2004); Susan Carizzo (second 2005), and Jictzad Vina (first 2005) (below).

      I had the pleasure of meeting several of these beauties on a trip to Caracas some years ago…

      They are even more stunning in person.

  2. Thanks.

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