Up Against The Wall, Ford Motors Gets Inspired

08 Jan

How many years it’s taken to get American Auto Manufacturers to begin to understand the concept that delivered innovation is the key to returning to market dominance? Not just inventing the idea, which Americans are the best in the world at – but actually delivering it into a marketable product…

Where American companies hopelessly trail international competition.

The failure as such, which has brought many venerable American compnies to their knees isn’t a failure of scientists to invent or engineers to engineer well…

It’s specifically a failure at the management level short-sightedness, seeking quick profit over long term stability, sacrificing quality, inability to recognize and embrace innovation, a failure to plan, a dependency on quick fixes and canned solutions – and an over-dependency on automated systems to somehow replace and cover for core management inadequacies and incompetencies…

And Wall Street’s reward of a culture of failure at the executive level.

While the Faux News reporter focuses on the electronic bling, Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally points out succinctly that the company is producing a quality product which can stand toe to toe with any of the foreign companies products…

Quality AND Innovation – aren’t words commonly associated with far to many American companies in the last 30 years.

WTG Ford!

Mulally is an ex-Boeing guy. One of the things Aerospace companies understand is quality engineering in an industry where your failures are going to be splashed very publicly across the news landscape – not to mention real estate with the cost of hundreds of lives. Anything which goes into a commercial airplane gets tested within an inch of it’s life. The it gets tested again, and again.

The Faux News reporter mentions that a Microsoft guy may wind up heading GM. Which offers an interesting question…

Would you rather be flying in an airplane designed by Boeing…

Or one designed by Microsoft? Especially realizing that if that airplane, or any of thousands of critical components in that aircraft fails…

You ass is toast (literally).

An aircraft like Vista, or the 757 which has flown hundreds of millions of miles over 30 years, and to my knowledge never suffered a crash due a mechanical or systems failure?

Think about that hurdling down the highway at 70 miles an hour.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons Ford is projected to return to profitability.

The “Blue Screen of Death”… Indeed.

And no – I currently don’t own or drive a Ford product, nor own stock, or get any recompense from the company. I haven’t owned a Ford product since my venerable pre-owned ’65 and ’68 Mustangs as a youngster…

But I think it’s time to take another look.


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5 responses to “Up Against The Wall, Ford Motors Gets Inspired

  1. t-shirts101

    January 8, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    Even though GM may be considering Microsoft managemnet, please don’t be too hard on GM products. Ford seems to be doing some very good things, no doubt. But GM products aren’t too shabby either. Historically, short of the F150 and the Econoline Van (I drove one for years), I believe they’ve outperformed (some) Ford vehicles – as far as reliability and cost of repair. At least that’s been my experience and observation.

    The new GM products seem quality – and after borrowing lots of Government money and selling off a couple of divisions – they’ve got to step up their game.

    I would assume the Mocrosoft guy will be about efficiency improvements, rather than engineering.


    • btx3

      January 8, 2010 at 3:45 PM

      I didn’t beat on GM, or their product. I am however, saying that Ford seems to have made a serious turnaround.

      Although I do believe that GM hasn’t quite given up style over substance…



      • t-shirts101

        January 8, 2010 at 4:46 PM

        GM hasn’t given up style over substance? Any particular vehicles in mind?


      • btx3

        January 8, 2010 at 7:05 PM

        Caddy. The only thing they got right is the engine, which I understand is now made by Chevy. The styling is awful, and the fit and finish on a $50,000+ car is decidedly substandard. Their entire line (except the big honker truck) looks fragile, and like 2 years down the road – things are going to start falling off. Worse, the slab side design is an invitation to ding city in a parking lot – aging the car/SUV. Right now – Caddy would be my very last choice in the luxury market.

        Buick seems to be getting it together with their mid size sedans – and this is a common platform. Their car doesn’t stand out – but it is visually appealing. I haven’t driven one in a while – so I have no idea whether they have improved in that area.

        GMC makes great trucks – and as they are the same mechanically as Chevrolet’s, that means Chevy makes a good truck too. GMC seems a bit better on trim, layout, and finish.

        Chevy’s mid-size Malibu seems to be a winner. Of course, the Camaro will get good market share. I haven’t driven one yet – so I don’t know if it can walk the walk in anything except a straight line, which will impact bottom line sales. The Vette is still a monster, and competitive with much more expensive sports cars in every area that matters. The last one I drove was a Z06, and she could cook going up the Blue Ridge Mountain curves like nobody’s business. I haven’t driven a ZR1 yet – but that has to be Godzilla in sheet metal disguise. They could improve the interior a bit, in terms of materials – but everything else is excellent…

        Of course you will have to mortgage your house to buy a new set of tires!


      • t-shirts101

        January 9, 2010 at 10:31 AM

        Wow. Can’t say I disagree with you in your assessments.

        I never took a good look at the Caddy, mainly because I was never interested in one. I never liked the styling, but never considered the “ding” factor of the design.

        Buick has positioned itself to go after Lexus. Their styling is obviously reflective of a Lexus, and their commercials have said as much.



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