First Rule of Boating

08 Jan

The first rule of boating is those big steel ships have the right of way if you are in a small boat. Darwin most likely came up with the idea of the “Survival of the fittest” shortly after seeing one of his ships run into a large immovable object. In any event, for anyone who ventures out on the water, whether in a rowboat or something a bit more expansive, it’s a real good idea to stay far away from the large commercial ships if they are moving. Stopping an oil tanker is an exercise covering 2-3 miles. Turning a 600′ boat can require over a mile of space, depending on speed.

Case in point – this collision:

The guys in the black boat are from a group that is trying to stop Japanese whaling. The guys in the big ship are obviously the whalers. Sort of like smashing into a bus with your Mini Cooper – or as in this case…

Having your Mini run over by a bus.

It’s fairly obvious the Japanese Whaler Captain had had enough of the tactics of the anti-Whaling warriors.

Now – for any conservative who doesn’t  yet understand the physics equations involved in the size differential here…

This is another  hint:

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