Things That Make You Go – WTF Were These Guys Thinking?

03 Jan

Seems to be a lot of “Stupid” in the air to start this New Year. Two highly paid members of the Washington Wizards NBA Team accused of drawing guns on each other in the locker room –

Now – I’m not an NBA fan. I prefer College Basketball for many, many reasons. The Wizards have been the most snakebit miserable team in the NBA for years. These guys have qualified for the Draft Lottery of losing teams 6 times…

And each and every time come out last.

This is in a town which has 4-5 quality College Hoops Programs, at least one of which seems to make a serious run at the Final Four each year. The Wizards would have a better record if they just fired the whole team and contracted with Georgetown, Maryland, George Mason, and whichever of American, UVA, Howard, GW, or other local schools has the best record to each play 20 NBA games…

And save $100 million a year. And probably wind up with a lot less stupid drama.

And just in case you think College Players can’t get stupid…

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Posted by on January 3, 2010 in Nawwwwww!


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One response to “Things That Make You Go – WTF Were These Guys Thinking?

  1. brotherbrown

    January 3, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    Say it with me in unison: Too many guns, not enough brains.



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