Give ‘Em Hell!

Ramping it up, Ed Shultz tells it like it is…

The Dick is a coward.

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7 Responses

  1. Rep MASSA!!!

    Could there be another appropriate name for you to become over joyed over?


  2. The name catches your eye (and?), but nothing about content – typical.

    • OMG!!!

      T-Shirts calls me out for using his marquee tactic.

      • Show and prove CS. Please.

        I called you out on lack of content, and the basic insignificance of your reply to the subject matter at hand – a constant with you.

      • Looks to me you been called out, Porch.

        You know, I been thinking about trademarking my “award”, and cutting a licensing deal for t-shirts to print up versions to be included with the picture and trophy with t-shirts.

        I assume you’d like yours in a very very small, which will fit easily over your head…

        And snugly around your neck?

  3. BT,

    I’ve been listening to conservative radio lately. Big mistake. I guess that accounts for the mood I’m in.

    • That can ruin any sane person’s mind – and mood for that matter. I settle for the occasional ignorant rantings of the Porch Simian, swinging from the “Gingerbread” up on that Victorian Porch.

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