Whackjobs and Terrorists, Part 1

27 Dec

Nutcases seem to abound this Christmas season. First there is the case of the “mentally disturbed” woman attacking the Pope at Christmas Mass –

Turns out the same woman attempted to attack the Pope in 2007 –

This certainly isn’t the first (or second) time a modern Pope has been attacked, in 1981 Pope John Paul II was attacked by a sniper and shot 4 times. This nearly successful assassination attempt led to the creation of the “Popemobile” a truck with an armored glass enclosure protecting the Pope in parades and travels.

Like politicians, it is difficult to secure religious leaders, whose role by definition take them into public locations and large crowds. This is the second attack of a prominent figure in Italy (ok, to parse borders the Vatican is a separate country) in the last month – with Italian Premire Silvio Berlusconi being attacked by a man in the crowd at a political rally.

The difference being that if these attacks were conducted in America, on public figures – the attackers would more than likely be armed with guns – raising the potential damage exponentially.

Like any complex problem solutions are difficult and may involve a combination of of partial solutions. What is needed is some way to identify threats like this, before they can take action – one which works within a Constitutional and personal rights framework.

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