What the Faux News War is Really About

29 Oct

This is what the Faux News “war” is really about. Pay special attention to the Paul Weyrich remark –

Rethuglys are attempting to attack organizations which they see as “Democratic Bases”, including ACORN and the SEIU in an attempt to deny funding and voters to the Democrats. Faux News has led the charge in trying to destroy ACORN, the SEIU, and Voter Registration Drives.

Look for Congress to start going after Faux, and the captive right-wing propaganda operations through a number of vehicles, including some sort of modified Fairness Doctrine. I would hope the FCC is encouraged to bring back local station ownership requirements, and break up the virtual monopoly on the radio airwaves.

Insofar as Rachael Maddow’s claim that the “Anti-Acorn” Law is unconstitutional – need I remind anyone that the constitutionality of a law hasn’t been a consideration of the conservative 5 justice majority in the Supreme Court…

Since 2000.

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