Juan Williams Goes Uncle Ruckus

18 Oct

Apparently Juan didn’t like Warren Ballentine telling him it was “OK for Juan to get back on the Porch”

So… Just for fun, let’s take this thing apart –

LA Times Columnist David Ehrenstein

LA Times Columnist David Ehrenstein

First “The Magic Negro” was an article written by a LA Times correspondent, David Ehrenstien, and dealt with white perceptions of then Presidential candidate Obama, and depictions of black characters in the media.

The Magic Negro is a figure of postmodern folk culture, coined by snarky 20th century sociologists, to explain a cultural figure who emerged in the wake of Brown vs. Board of Education. “He has no past, he simply appears one day to help the white protagonist,” reads the description on Wikipedia .

The song, very generously described as a parody, was written by a white guy named Paul Shanklin, who is a political satirist working for Rush Limbaugh. Shanklin does most of the songs and skits on the Limbaugh Show.

Republican Satirist Paul Shanklin

Republican Satirist Paul Shanklin

The song was written, composed, and recorded for the Limbaugh show, and later released by Shanklin to senior members of the RNC. It was recorded in “blackface”, with Shanklin imitating Rev. Al Sharpton. When the song was played during Limbaugh’s show it was met with outrage. Chip Salzman, then an RNC Committee Chair, distributed the song to Republican donors in a mailing causing even more controversy, and Salzman’ dismissal.

So Uncle Juan was lying about the “Magic Negro” issue, trying to provide racial cover for Limbaugh.

Next, we have the “Black personal friend of Limbaugh”, the Reverend Ken Hutcherson, PhD. Couple things about Ken – first off being he does not hold a PhD, his bio at his own Church only claims an honorary degree from an ambiguous “Theological Seminary”.  Rev Hutcherson is an anti-Gay activist who is most famous for is attempting to blackmail Microsoft Corporation into dropping support for anti-discrimination legislation.

On November 13, 2007, Hutcherson addressed the Microsoft Annual Stockholders meeting. During the question and answer session he referred to previous discussions with Microsoft executives regarding their support for anti-discrimination legislation in Washington State and threatened further action against the company without clearly specifying the policy position or activity he hopes to change. Hutcherson stated “I could work with you, or I could be your worst nightmare, because I am a black man with a righteous cause, with a host of powerful white people behind me…”.

“Massa been good to me!”… Indeed.

Next we have “reformed liberal” Tammy Bruce, who claims to be a “Lesbian activist”. Now Tammy is no stranger to racial remarks, referring the Michelle Obama and the Obama family as “trash” –

Man, oh, man. That’s who he’s married to, what does that tell you? This is what we’ve got — you know what we’ve got? We’ve got trash in the White House. Trash is a, is a thing that is color blind, it can cross all eco — ecosocionomic kind of categories, you can work on Wall Street or work at the Wal-Mart. Trash are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy. Source .

Tammy’s schtick in the conservative world is to make borderline racist statements and inferences to prove that the left is too sensitive in it’s charges of racism. It is a classic bait and switch, where Tammy says something racially insensitive, and then, when confronted offers a mea culpa with “just kidding!”. Perhaps the most offensive of which was to comment that Mrs. Camille Cosby was responsible for her murdered son’s death by buying him an expensive car which got Bruce fired from her gig as a radio host at LA station KFI.

So this is who Juan Williams chooses to defend him. Notice the entire issue that the NFL is a business, which didn’t want an owner as controversial and out of control as Rush Limbaugh with a claimed 20 million listenership potentially harming that business by off the cuff on the air remarks – never get’s mentioned.

Uncle Ruckus Porch Negro… Indeed.


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4 responses to “Juan Williams Goes Uncle Ruckus

  1. Montana

    October 18, 2009 at 6:04 PM

    Williams can think what he wants. For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.


    • tifiny

      October 22, 2009 at 2:02 PM



  2. Constructive Feedback

    October 18, 2009 at 8:44 PM

    BET Uncut:

    Do me a favor and purchase the latest edition of Essence which has Nia Long on the front.

    As you read through and see how the editors seek to build a “New Black Consciousness Movement” around BARACK OBAMA – telling how BLACK MEN HAVE CHANGED SO MUCH during his first year in office – I would like for you to explain away how BARACK THE MAGIC NEGRO concept is not in the mind of the biased Black political operative.


    • btx3

      October 18, 2009 at 10:58 PM

      Has nothing to do with Juan, Porch. You are just trying to change an very uncomfortable subject.



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