On Black Conservatives and Logjams

17 Sep

This one, from a question posed by one of my regulars, Tafaraji –

I don’t know bt, are there too many ego’s among black Conservatives? Do they have any real GOAL, other than to simply be different than the rest of us?

They could create a movement within the Republican party that would finally run racist out to sea, permanently. Giving them no cover.

Black Conservative Media Appearance is Far Out of Proportion to Actual Numbers

Black Conservative Media Appearance is Far Out of Proportion to Actual Numbers

One of the reasons I started posting over at Skinny’s was to get an understanding of the black conservatives.

Interesting exercise. The black conservatives seem to be divided into roughly 4 groups, two of which get most of the press and are unquestionably on the money train, Tomming for dollars.

Starting from the bottom feeders you have your certifiable nut cases.

Alan Keyes, Rev Mack Daddy, and the ever present (at least on the WWW) wannabe – the Porch Simian. I think for these guys the overwhelming desperate desire to be recognized and respected has driven them stark raving bonkers. They each have flaws, either of intellect, people skills, or ability to communicate which won’t ever let them be important as leaders in the black community. They would desperately like to be seen as the next Martin Luther King, but fail at one or more critical skills, and in some cases several. As such, they have turned their hatred against the black community – and vitrol against other black people who have succeeded though a combination of greater skills and luck. Their hatred towards Obama is visceral, and based on envy. While they may indeed get paid for what they do, the driving force isn’t the money – it’s the haterade. Uncle Tommie Clarence, with some of the stuff he’s said about striking back at his detractors, dances right on the edge of this group  in my opinion.

The second group are the professional race pimps.

They are individually, and as a group entirely captive of the racialist right – and operate as wholly owned subsidiaries. Back check the financial on Uncles Tommie Sowell, Walter Williams, Jesse Lee Peterson, Project 21 et al, or any of the group being presented as the black conservative intelligentsia, and you find their paychecks and existence are wholly dependent on white, conservative borderline supremacist Foundations. They say exactly what they are paid to say, frequently simply parroting the white conservative racist “party line”. They have sold out in every single sense of the word. Condoleeza Rice most recently joined this group in taking a fellowship at the Hoover Institute, one of three major “think tanks” including the Manhattan Institute, and American Enterprise Institute who at least partially specialize in providing racial cover through their cadre of hired Lawn Jockeys. It works like this, a white conservative says what he really means, which far too often turns out to be something racist – and this cadre of reliable black hired Toms is trotted out to provide plausible denial. A white conservative publishes a racist screed, often based on racial psuedo-science which doesn’t pass the sniff test in any real academic institution or think tank – and these folks are trotted out in the media to defend it.

The Third group are what I’ll call the “Uphill Republicans” which are a legitimate group of folks with different viewpoints –

There seem to be several factions within this group, and while some of them may be shaking the Republican Money Tree (which is no different than black Democrats shaking the Democrat Money tree, or any other group for that matter) – the reason they are there has nothing to do with supporting white conservative racism. Because of the actions of the first two groups, this group has a bunker mentality akin to Custer at the Little Big Horn. Any action of group solidarity evinced as defending their distasteful black conservative brethren, winds up with them being tarred, often unfairly, with the same brush. As a group, they have been unable, or in some cases unwilling to make a full break with the sinister side of the black conservatism (and I won’t call it a movement, because black conservatism as a whole is too small – and shows serious signs of shrinking instead of growing as Republicans become more racialist).

You have the traditional black Republicans like Colin Powell.  Remember, that the two people most responsible for blacks leaving the Republican Party were Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon. Goldwater’s “Principled conservatism” and opposition to Civil Rights caused a mass shift, finalized by Nixon’s Southern Strategy. As the Nixon tapes prove, while Nixon personally was a racist, he was more concerned with his legacy that to pursue any racist policy. Things in the Democrat Party of the 60’s were tough, with blacks sitting alongside unrepentant Southern Segregationalists. What kept black folks in the Democrat Party was the hope for change. Ditto with the Powell Republicans, who are more likely to support the policies of a Jack Kemp than a Ronald Raygun. They often have to hold their nose, but their loyalty is cemented by a deep belief in the core Republican principles, which their Party has largely abandoned.

The next segment are Christian Conservatives. While some of them are attracted by niche issues such as abortion, others are attracted by the concepts of Social Conservatism.

The third segment is what I’ll call the “Racism Absolvers”, which when being evinced by the black conservative race pimps isn’t much different than the  Holocaust Deniers. Essentially “Racism Deniers”. This group feels that with the elimination of state sanctioned overt racism by the Civil Rights Acts, and the progress the country has made in the past 40 years, that racism isn’t the key issue – education and economic progress are. The difference between these guys and the black conservative race pimps lies in the conversation of “What do you propose to do about it?” and the complex question of “Is there still racism, and does it play a role?” To the first, the pimps will offer no answer typically rolling off an even longer list of perceived black depredations, and to the second the pimps answer categorically “No”. The “Absolver” is going to talk about Vouchers and Charter Schools, raising test scores, or economic education and to the second question “Yes, but it isn’t an overriding issue”. Depending on your view of things – the “Abolver” may be wrong that his solutions will produce the desired results (on in some cases produce even more draconian unintended consequences), but this isn’t generally a group of people with their hand out. Despite my name for them, this is a legitimate group with deeply held beliefs.

Now – to knowledge there isn’t anyplace on the WWW where the Legitimate groups can talk (if I was to say there aren’t race pimps on the left side of the rock, I’d be lying). The closest used to the the old Dell Gines site. Most black conservative sites ban black liberals (that bunker syndrome). The race pimp sites such as LeShawn and Acting White cater fully and almost exclusively to white racist conservatives, and outright ban Liberals – black or white.

So much for conservative support of the 1st Amendment.

White racist conservatives (which to be clear here isn’t all white conservatives, although it is a significant fraction) obviously don’t want that conversation to happen, and thus you have (purportedly) black folks on the WWW seeking to disrupt that conversation in the black blogsphere.

The “5 Conservative Sisters”, and their lesser brethren throw about $100 million a year at this, in no small part to keep the racial pot stirred through cable television such as Faux News and to a lesser extent CNN, several dozen websites and fake “news” organizations like WorldNetDaily – and of course, talking heads and disembodied ranting voices over the radio.

So that’s the reality as I see it.

Oh! When I first published this I forgot the 4th group – the wannabes, Michael Steele’s “Hip Hop Republicans”, who as a group are seriously late to the party. Generally this is a group of folks who don’t socially fit, either in the black or white world that is America – but especially not in the black world. They take their disaffection out in becoming Republican, which, if any consolation, is at least a small bit more healthy than their white teenage counterparts opening up on their fellow students with a gun committing mass murder. They also tend to lack the educational achievements of their forerunners, or the race pimps – and tend to lack the polish. Their politics go to the extremist, aligning themselves with wild eyed crazies such as militias, Tea Baggers, Birthers, and Deathers (we were all young once, right?). They typically will vocalize that they are “Independents’ as cover, but pretty firmly toe the conservative line – down to the last period and comma.

They have missed the “Gravy Train” because over the next 3 years, like it or not, America is going to have that series of conversations about race, which will ultimately define a new American reality. Short of a secession and another Civil War, that reality doesn’t include the sort of racial politics played by the right (or some on the left for that matter).


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15 responses to “On Black Conservatives and Logjams

  1. Tafaraji

    September 17, 2009 at 4:02 PM

    I wanted to post an interview that had occurred last night between Larry King and Larry Elder. At which time, King became so frustrated with Elder he shouted. As fate would have it, I found this instead. To be quite honest, Larry Elder’s behavior is like discovering a betrayal that makes you sad once you’ve discovered it. At any rate this video will have to serve as my response, for the time being.


  2. Tafaraji

    September 17, 2009 at 4:02 PM


  3. t-shirts101

    September 17, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    …and even with all of this, Democrats won Congress and the Presidency. The first two groups of Black Conservative messages (and to a larger extent, White Conservatives) don’t seem to be penatrating the majority population.

    The remaining “uphill republicans” have to disassociate from the first two groups, and in part, they have. Dell Gines was sane, at the very least, and refuted republican categories 1 and 2 regularly, as much as he questioned librealism. And the format was at least open, which as you’ve pointed out, is absent in most conservative forums.


    • btx3

      September 17, 2009 at 5:28 PM

      Judge Joe laid out the legal principles behind the situation perfectly. Elder did the Porch Simian, which is to continuously ignore the subject and attempt to bring in tangential accusations and stawmen to make an argument. As such, he tried to bring President Obama’s response in to the mix, instead of discussing the subject – which was whether General Powell was correct. They (conservatives) must learn that in conservative school, because it’s a common element whenever you have a discussion with a conservative.

      Look at any discussion over at Skinny’s. While the Porch Simian is the most egregiousness example of straw men and subject hijacking, many of the other self identified conservatives do exactly the same thing.

      Normal Poster – “I think Joe Wilson deserved being sanctioned by Congress for calling the President a liar.

      Weak Conservative mind – “Yeah, but you were silent when that Iraqi threw a shoe at President Bush!” or “What about the guy who threw a shoe at President Bush?”

      Ignoring the obvious that Joe Wilson is a member of Congress, and as such is bound by certain rules of decorum. An Iraqi reporter isn’t, and because he isn’t he spent several years in an Iraqi jail for his transgression.

      If there really was an equivalency, perhaps Joe Wilson should be locked up in an Iraqi Jail for several years suffering whatever depredations the Iraqi authorities decide to heap on him.


    • btx3

      September 17, 2009 at 5:41 PM

      Check out Uncle Larry right here at the 7:40 mark of the Ed Show –


    • btx3

      September 17, 2009 at 5:45 PM

      This is a better one – Notice the first line is Holocaust denial, followed by an evasion of the question of “Why would Republicans be better for black people?” by attacking Democrats –


  4. Tafaraji

    September 17, 2009 at 4:54 PM

    Dell Gines, Steve, his being open was commendable, but his relationship with Richard was suspect to me. Any rate that’s passed. If you’ll indulge me by reviewing the tape I’ve attached above, surely you’ll see the effort Larry Elder applies to take the positions he takes. The sighes of Judge Joe, as he listens in obvious disbelief, and the patience of the usually inexhaustible Professor Eric Dyson. I suppose Ben Stines is there to draw some sense of balance, but clearly the odds are against the occupational rhetoric that Larry Elder spouts. He almost flustered himself trying to keep up with talking points. Lastly, listens as he tosses in all the talking points that are designed to offend and throw-off any rational argument. It’s so obvious he’s shilling for someone.


  5. brotherbrown

    September 18, 2009 at 12:52 AM

    Okay, I listened to it all, and I will never give that fool Larry Elder another minute of attention. Excuse me while I go call earl…okay, I’m back.

    There is an element of black conservatism that has not been discussed, that is shame. I think many black republicans buy into the stereotypes about blacks, and are ashamed, so they assuage their own guilt by doubling down on other blacks. Star Parker, Elder, LaShawn and others fit this element. Unfortunately, they are so vesting in their point of view that they only see white victims of black aggression.

    By the way, in his heart, Dell Gines is not a conservative. He is a debater who would take his side of an argument seriously, but he never believed the conservative position is innately superior to the progressive position, and no conservative would be interested in prisoner re-entry programs, as Dell is.


  6. brotherbrown

    September 18, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    Re: vouchers, California voters shot it down overwhelmingly because it made no sense. How do you give someone a $10,000 voucher for each child to attend a private school when the most you have paid into the system via property taxes is maybe $600 whether you have no children or ten. And it was a lie that the majority of black inner city parents voted for it. It went down something like 69% no to 31% yes.


  7. Tafaraji

    September 18, 2009 at 7:59 AM

    Have you all noticed that Conservatives have been silent on Bill Cosby’s reiteration of Jimmy Carter’s sentiments on Race. I guess they’ve thrown him under the bus.(shrugs) Also he Michelle Bernard, whom I respect a lot more than those others, will do a program on Sunday evening.

    Also, please, Stevie Wonder can see through Ron Christie, and probably has better sight then he does.:-)

    McGlowan has completely lost her ever loving mind. He weave is so heavy it needs attendant, rather than a stylist. I believe FN, has or had a running challenge for her to debate with him for several months.

    Bill Cosby’s video is on msnbc if you want to run it. finally check out Gilded Disillusion


  8. t-shirts101

    September 18, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    Larry Elder… all I can say is wow. I’ve read his stuff at the other place, but never really paid much attention to him or heard him speak to the degree that was displayed in the YouTube vids. Once again, wow.

    Someone said that he stumbles over his own talking points in a rush to get them all out… this sums him up nicely.

    I don’t think any of these black conservatives are getting traction with anyone ‘cept the fringe. They’ve always been there to one degree or another. Malcolm X debated his fair share 50 years ago. Its modern technology (Internet, Cable, etc.) that’s given them spotlight. I think they are fooling too few to be dangerous or really matter… unless I’m missing something here. Obama still got elected, and health care reform will pass.

    Taf: You mentioned DG’s relationship with Richard… don’t know what you mean.


  9. DW Jazzlover

    September 18, 2009 at 11:00 AM



  10. mattie

    September 22, 2009 at 10:59 PM

    I would like to know (Where in America did these Black folk’s come from? have I missed something? I don’t remember seeing black folk’s like this during Clinton’s term in office, were they hid out or something? who are these people? and where in America did they come from?

    I heard Michelle Bernard say( SHE was a FAN of SARAH PALIN’S!!!!!!!!! so where doe’s that leave the President? for if Michelle is a FAN of SARAH PALIN’S, this mean’s that she support’S PALIN as she roam’s around America Persecuting the President! so Michelle Bernard is in full agreement with a White woman Attacking a Black man!! how else can I put it?


  11. btx3

    September 23, 2009 at 12:29 AM

    They crawl out of the woodwork.

    There is money to be had in being black face for conservatives right now, and like any unsavory activity involving money, there are some folks who will heed money’s siren’s call.



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