Etcetera and Pet Peeves

15 Sep

Best T-Shirt of the (Take note T-Shirts)

“Trust Me, I’m and Engineer”

Pet peeve of the day – This one is at the top near the folks who find reason to stop at the bottom of the seemingly 3 mile long, DC Metro Subway escalators during rush hour. You can usually spot them due to the numerous Ferragamo Footprints across their bodies and attire –

Fat assed woman in pink tight pants walking down the center of the parking isle blocking cars in both directions. Started to say something until I noticed what I originally thought were panty lines were actually the grill imprint from a Dodge 3500 Pickup Truck.

I think the truck lost.

Seeing that my little deuce and 1/2 ton SUV was outclassed…

I made like a gentleman and quietly followed to the first open space at a distance.

Next Peeve –  People Who Drive in blind spots

Couple of real simple rules when going down the superhighway with 18 wheelers. First and foremost is you don’t park your little Toyota Prius just behind the cab ( the part with the driver in it) at 62.5 miles per hour running along beside the truck, speeding up and slowing down as he does to maintain your position…

Because he can’t see your dumb ass.

Coming up the highway Sunday, I watched a moron actually have to relearn this lesson 3 times with 3 separate trucks in 50 miles, slamming on the brakes each time to avoid being converted into road confetti, as the trucks moved to pass even slower vehicles.

Leading to BT’s Bug Splat equation – ergo : Mass of Car x (times) Speed – (minus) Mass of Bug x Speed = Mass of Car x Speed. Ergo a bug hitting the windshield…

Doesn’t slow the car down (although the bug no longer notices). Same equation works for big trucks and small cars, Big ships and sailboats – and in China, Tanks and protesters.

This rule also is known as the “Saturday morning rule” at your local lumber supply, Home Depot or Lowes. Guy pushing large cart loaded with 200 2×4’s cannot stop such cart on a dime. Letting your 3 year old run though the lumberyard betwixt the aisles unattended while you decide on the chartreuse or pink Trex, is not only irritating as hell to the guy trying to push the 6 wheel, heavily loaded cart with at least one wheel stuck pointing the wrong way and another which won’t turn – because he can’t stop it…

It’s a good way to trim the old family tree.

Comment on NASCAR trying to recruit black drivers

All you guys have to do is to position several of your best drivers along Rt 50 in Maryland, between the Interstate 95, and the Bowie/301 exit. Your best drivers? That’s to be able to catch the folks screaming along at 90 – 110 MPH weaving through 70 MPH heavy traffic. These guys (and gals) are already trained, so all you need to do is get them a sponsor, and put them on the track.

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