Beck’s Witch Hunt: The New McCarthyism

11 Sep

My father was the object of a McCarthy witch hunt. It was never mentioned in our house, and I was too young at the time to know about it. I didn’t find out about it until I was in College, and a History Professor pulled me aside and told me the story.

From the McCarthy era onward, first McCarthy, and then the FBI under Hoover tried assiduously to tie black intelligentsia to communism as a method to suppress the Civil Rights movement.

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My father’s “crime”?

In a Government class, teaching about the political and economic system of communism along with the political and economic systems of Capitalism and Democracy, as well as Fascism and government/corporate fascist states in a segregated black school.

The issue wasn’t what was being taught, as the curriculum and content had been approved by the school administration, peers,  and Board…

It was to Who.

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