The Racism in Russia – Violent Hate Crimes Common

09 Sep

The roots of racism in Russia run pretty deep. Whether it was the Czars or later Stalin’s pogroms against Jews and ethnic minorities which resulted in a genocide dwarfing Hitler’s “Final Solution” – or the emergence since the former Soviet Union lost their wars in Afghanistan and Angola of racist para-military groups attacking, and sometime murdering people of color on Moscow’s streets…

The hyper-Nationalist groups got real momentum after the Afghan war. Russian Special Forces, including their equivalent to our SEALS, the Spetnaz were made up almost exclusively of ethnic Russians. Choice jobs, whether in industry, or the military were restricted to white Russians. Look at the faces on the USSR Olympic Teams. Until nearly the end of communist rule, you’d be hard pressed to find a brown or Asiatic face.

Post War – a number of veterans from the Special Forces graduated to Nationalist, and neo-Nazi groups – forming a professional military core to the violent organizations.

Russian Paramilitary Nationalist and Skinhead Groups Frequently Attack Foreigners and Minorities

Russian Paramilitary Nationalist and Skinhead Groups Frequently Attack Foreigners and Minorities

This from the BBC –

Africans ‘under siege’ in Moscow

Nearly 60% of black and African people living in Russia’s capital Moscow have been physically assaulted in racially motivated attacks, says a new study.

Africans working or studying in the city live in constant fear of attack, according to the report by the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy.

A quarter of 200 people surveyed said they had been assaulted more than once. Some 80% had been verbally abused…

Many of the attacks on Africans were pre-meditated and extremely violent, the report found.

One Nigerian migrant interviewed by the BBC had been repeatedly stabbed in the back and then shot.

While Africans are indeed victims of violent assaults – other ethnic groups, such as those from the Caucasus region are also regular victims.

Leading to this bit, Reported in the Scotsman –

Six on trial for ‘racist revenge’

SIX young men from the Caucuses have gone on trial in Moscow accused of knifing two students on the capital’s underground in an apparent revenge attack for widespread ultra-right-wing violence against racial minorities in Russia. They face 15 years in jail if found guilty.

The attack, in September last year, has raised fears of an increase in ethnic violence in Russia.

Prosecutors claim that the attack was racially motivated and that perpetrators belong to group called the Black Hawks.

The Black Hawks allegedly target ethnic Russians as a means of combating neo-Nazi violence against Russia’s growing migrant community that has left scores dead and injured.

In an interesting twist – Members of the Black Hawks, apparently adopted their group name from the 1st Black Panthers (not the clowns who today pretend to be Panthers).

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