Beck’s Wreck

The Beck-wreck continues…

Going to be an interesting two weeks. With Obama finally figuring out that the Republicans aren’t interested in bipartisanship, the Dems – if they develop the cajones – can move into steamroller mode.

The attempt at working with these rabid dogs has given them a platform completely out of proportion with their importance and numbers, and provided undeserved traction for Rethugs in the mid-term election cycle.

Way past time to drop the hammer, and move forward without them.

Once President and the Democrats do that, the public howling recedes back down to the background noise level.

9 Responses

  1. BET Uncut:

    The thing that you and Keith Olbermann have in common to make you both worth anything at all is your sense of humor.

    Did you hear Olbermann TALK ABOUT someone ELSE’S ratings?

    Keith Olbermann Ratings:

    Glen Beck ratings

    • Think I explained this to you before – but The average demographic of Faux News is a 65 Year old white male –

      MSNBC, particularly with Rachel Maddow is drawing heavily in the 25-49 audience.

      From an advertising viewpoint – unless you want to sell Geritol, Faux is a disaster in reaching the prime spending audience.

      It ain’t the quantity, Porch – it’s the quality of the audience that matters. Which is why 36 advertisers have so quickly decided to dump Beck.

  2. bt, I know you’re aware enuf to expect this kind of behavior from Faux News, but it is so blatant I thought I’d direct your glance its way, if only momentarily. Notice first of all the systematic multiple articles they have about this one man.

    Then the vitriol in the responses because he points the truth in black in white, (pun intended), of how these disparities occur. I pointed one instance out in my post about the Coal Ash land field problems between whites in Tennessee, and poorer blacks in Alabama. However the hate fomented off the charts in the comment sections when it was revealed that Van Jones did the same thing. Faux is intentionally foment hate and garnering really low brow-ed responses.

  3. You said many are seniors at faux, well they are also uneducated and ignorant.

  4. There’s a new web site asking the question of Glen Beck innocence in the rape and murder of a young girl. There’s links, videos and police reports.

  5. It’s a burning question! A Google search on Glenn Beck rape murder young girl currently yields about 348,000,000 results.

    Results 1 – 10 of about 386,000,000 for Glenn Beck rape murder young girl. (0.08 seconds)

    • I think that rumor is one worth dealing with very carefully. Remember Beck was a nobody during that period, and it is hard to believe he could have gotten away with anything due to special “big star” privilege.

      Beck obviously has pissed of more folks than just the Obama Administration.

    • To be honest… I always thought Beck was a bit light in the slippers. If not closeted gay – very effeminate…

      Probably the sort of person who likes sex with himself more than other people – male or female.

  6. With your comparison to Glenn Beck, you’ve just insulted people who may fit one or more of the profiles above.

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