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Michael Steele’s Death Panels

The first clip here is of Uncle Mikkie spouting the Republican Party line – which just happens to be the same line spouted by the “Deathers”, a radical right wing offshoot of the Tea Bagger sect –

The second is, the unfortunate truth for Uncle Mikkie –

Whoops! There it is.

Faux News "Source"

Faux News "Source"

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Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Passes Away

The Lion is gone.

My sincere condolences to the Kennedy family.

Grew up in  a town where some of the Kennedy’s lived. So it wasn’t unusual to see one or more members of the clan in the stores or on the streets. Pulled in to the local Drug Store one day in the mid to late 60’s in my venerable aged Rambler, and this guy pulls in next to me driving a Volkswagon Beetle. The guy starts getting out of the car, and it seems like he’s getting out of the car for half an hour – because in this little “Bug” is a 6′ 4″ big, strapping guy.

Senator Ted Kennedy, driving around town in his “bug”.

This is a disaster for the Democrats.


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Reverend Mack-Daddy Goes Patrick Henry

The meltdown of black conservatives in this country is even more severe than that of their white brethren. Case in point – Rev. “Mack-Daddy” Manning –

Almost as good as Reverend Leroy!

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Jena 6 Updates

Two updates on the Jena 6 and how they are doing.


The first is on Jesse Ray Beard, whose Attorney took him to live with his family in New York –

Attorney gives Jena 6 teen counsel, chance at new life

Jesse Ray Beard said he was constantly in trouble, even when he behaved. It took being accused of the racially charged attempted murder of a white classmate in the Deep South to turn his life around. Read the rest of this entry »


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Bill O’Reilly Not Feelin’ Jay-Z’s New Song

Oh My!First Lou Dobbs discovers black folks actually use silverware to eat on a trip to Sylvia’s in Harlem

And now, Bill O’Reilly discovers Hip Hop!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course the last attempt at Hip-Hop by a conservative…

Didn’t turn out so well…


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Burkini Wars…

I should probably do a poll, and add one of those nifty widgets here – but the Burkini-Bikini War which has roiled France has now expanded to England and Italy!

OK, I figured the Poll Thingie out – Ladies Only!

Resulting in this article by Rachel Marsden in the UK Times – The Italians have banned the ridiculous burkini from public pools. Good for them

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden

Now, Rachel is a conservative commentator who is CEO of a job site for politicos – seen here leaving a Canadian Courtroom after being granted a “Conditional Discharge” for harassing a Vancouver radio talk show host…

Getting fired by Faux News, and selling her ex-boyfriends clothes in an auction…

Apparently believes this is fashionable evening wear –

Rachel Marsden fashion sense

Rachel Marsden fashion sense

Hmmmmm… Indeed.

OK – Just for review for those who missed the subtle differences between a Burkini and a Bikini –

Miss France - Chloe Mortaud

Miss France - Chloe Mortaud in a Bikini

So – here’s the question, to the ladies…

Would you rather be seen at the beach in a bikini, or burkini…

Or caught dead dressed like Rachel Marsden?

Unidentified Model in a Burkini

Unidentified Model in a Burkini


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Glenn Beck Counter Attacks!

If you have been checking in here, or over at more leading sites such as  Jack and Jill and Color of Change who are leading the charge for responsible journalism over the nation’s airwaves – then you know about the Glenn Back Boycott.

So far, over 36 Advertisers have asked for their ads to be removed from Faux New’s Glenn Beck Show, or removed their advertisements entirely from Faux, in a response to incendiary comments made over the public airwaves by Beck threatening President Obama.

Resulting in Glenn Beck “taking a vacation”.

Seeking traction against his “Enemies”, Beck and a number of his defenders on the right searched for a “Reverend Wright” to tar and caricature as something (ANYTHING!) which might be portrayed as a “Giant Negro” …

Leading to their attack on Van Jones, who co-founded Color of Change and now is one of the President’s “Czars”. Here is yet another “Thrilla in Vanilla” –

Unfortunately for the Beck supporters, the facts get in the way of a really good right wing rant session (although that’s never bothered them in the past)…

First – Van Jones’ affiliation with Color of Change ended in 2005, four years ago, whereas the Boycott of Beck started only about a month ago. Read the rest of this entry »


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President Obama’s Vacation Advice

OK, Mr. Prez – about the the economy.

If you hear the girls mention the Chatham Zoo, and taking a little jog over to the Cape for “shopping” …

Don’t fall for it!

Have the Secret Service block the streets!

It isn’t a zoo! It is the most diabolical Daddy money trap in existence! 🙂

I did with my girls (and their friends) when they were about your girls age…

And wound up adding to the “National Debt” by at least 10%!

Not to mention having to make that stop (it became an official “Daddy do!”), or fund it in absentia every time we even flew near Massachusetts or Rhode Island to visit relatives!

More than likely, the secret high speed fiber optic grapevine which is 10 times faster than the Internet, between pre-teen girls has already alerted Sasha and Malia to the existence of baubles and fun shopping!

An no – I have no relationship with the shop, financial or otherwise…

Other than having what seems like half their merchandise each year hanging in my girls bedrooms for several years, and still stumbling over it in various “Daddy Save” boxes it took a small truck to move .

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King of Pop… Dead by Manslaughter

As has hit every news outlet in the world by now, Michael Jackson’s death has been ruled Manslaughter, which is to say…


Police have yet to establish a motive for the crime, beyond malpractice by MJ’s Doctor – Dr. Conrad Murray. What is apparent though, is that significant portions of Dr. Murray’s initial testimony to police don’t stand up to closer scrutiny.

Whether other people were involved, or whether there was a plot of some sort appears to be pure conjecture at this point. Conjecture which morbidly will likely become legend as time goes on.

The most damning evidence against Dr. Murray is the timeline established by police and sequence of events leading to MJ’s death – Read the rest of this entry »

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Opposing Views of the Vineyard and Oak Bluffs

Around the turn of the last Century, black people of means began to develop their own segregated summer homes and recreation areas throughout the Eastern United States. One of the most established of these was Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vinyard which became a vacation spot for a number of the black intelligentsia as well as famous personages. Here, in the mid-Atlantic region, there were several meeting and second home spots.  The best known day beaches were Carr’s Beach near Eastport, Md and Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia. Black communities on the Chesapeake included Highland Beach (the first black incorporated town in Maryland), Arundel-On-The-Bay and Columbia Beach . Other vacation communities rising during the early 1950’s included Mill Point, off the Wicomico River in Maryland. Further South, one of the most famous African American resort areas was American Beach, located on Amelia Island in Florida.


Many of these beaches, and beach towns have fallen by the wayside post integration. Some, struggle to maintain their identity as white folks have taken advantage of typically undervalued property, and bought in.  With the end of segregation, black folks with means have bought homes wherever their fancy struck them (and pocketbooks agreed), including Hilton Head, Cape Cod and the Vineyard, as well as like myself – intentionally in the middle of nowhere.

And to ‘fess up – I’ve spent several summer vacations on Cape Cod and the Vinyard. And while touring Oak Bluffs, I’ve never stayed in the community, sharing a rental with friends on the Vineyard, and trading summer homes with some friends on Cape Cod. It’s too far away (and cold) for this Southern boy’s body, although the beaches are stunning, and the fishing is good.

So President Obama is following a long tradition. Since his choice to vacation on the Vinyard, a number of opinions have emerged about the choice, and within the black community about Oak Bluffs. Here are two of them – Read the rest of this entry »


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Green Bay – First Black Police Officer…In 152 Years

Green Bay, Wisconsin has hired it’s first Black Police officer in the city’s 152 year history…

Solomon Ayers, and Tom Marquardt on Training Range

Solomon Ayres, and Tom Marquardt on Training Range

Now before the “What too so long” and some black conservative screaming about the future crime wave engendered by an AA hire with lowered test standards…

Black folks are kinda’ thin on the ground in Green Bay – making up only about 2.5% of the city’s 98,000 population. The Green Bay Police Department has  177 officers, including 15 women, four American Indians or Alaska natives and one Hispanic.

Hat Tip to NewsOne.

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Miss Congeniality, Miss 3rd Runner Up… and the Winner is … Miss Silicone?

Tonight is the broadcast of the Miss Universe Pageant. Guys – I KNOW you are watching it for the “Talent” part of the competition, and will likely tune out the swimsuit…

Yeah! Sure you will…

More Cosmetic Surgery than the Bride of Frankenstein?

More Cosmetic Surgery than the Bride of Frankenstein?

But it appears… That all is not as it appears. talked to former pageant winners, pageant officials, and doctors who say surgical enhancements are par for the course at many pageants, and keeping one’s pageant-perfect physique post-competition can be next to impossible.

A source close to the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe Organization tells that not only is elective surgery allowed, but it is quietly encouraged. “In many of the countries, from the time she wins (the national title) to the time she goes to Miss Universe, she basically goes through a witness protection program, she is sketched up, and totally changed,” the insider said.

PHOTOS: Meet some of this Sunday’s Miss Universe hopefuls.

“Several of the Miss USA winners also get surgery done outside of the office knowing,” the source adds. “Everyone has an excuse like ‘my uncle died’ or ‘I have family issues’ and go away and get something done even after they win. I don’t get it; if it was good enough to win don’t mess with the formula. The responsibility of the title messes with girls’ heads.”

According to the Miss Universe website, contestants can use needles, sponges and scalpels to better their chances of winning. “Although contestants are discouraged from altering their own natural beauty, no restrictions are placed on cosmetic surgery; it is impossible to enforce such a rule,” the Miss Universe Organization website states. “In fact, since 1990, the organization has allowed padding in an effort to discourage participants from permanently altering their bodies for the competition.”

But sometimes padding just isn’t enough. The state directors for Miss USA first runner-up/ dethroned Miss California Carrie Prejean told that they funded her breast implants prior to the competition. Prejean did not confirm nor deny this.

According to Keith Lewis, who runs Miss California USA, and has been a high-profile pageant judge for 15 years, an estimated 15 percent of the Miss USA hopefuls have undergone either breast augmentation or rhinoplasty as part of their contest preparation. Lewis said statistics are probably a little higher for the Miss Universe competition, he estimates around 30 percent of contestants. He also estimates 10 percent of Miss Teen USA state titleholders opt for elective surgery.

Oh… For the old times, when boys were boys…

And girls weren’t made out of plastic.

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Town Howlers and Guns

The Raw Story is reporting

The Republican Party chairman of Boise County in Idaho was arrested Thursday for aggravated assault after he pulled a gun on a man whose house he was photographing.

Charles McAffee, 33, was among Idaho’s anti-tax tea-party activists, and is a member of the Idaho Republican Party Central Committee. He was arrested after pulling a handgun on a homeowner whose mortgage his employer sought to photograph for being delinquent. His employer is a contractor for Wells Fargo.

Ya' Got 8 Lives Left!

Open your own cans and fill your own damn food dish!

Wells Fargo called McAffee’s behavior “horrific and absolutely inexcusable.” Via AP:

According to police in the Boise suburb of Meridian, resident Robert Lutes called officers just before 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to report McAffee had pointed a .357 Magnum handgun at him during a verbal confrontation. McAffee acknowledged he pointed the gun at Lutes, according to the police account.

“I’m unarmed, I’m an old man,” Lutes, 51, told The Associated Press on Thursday. “I’m trying to find out why he’s taking pictures of my house. I said, ‘Knock on my door, let me know what you want.’ Then, I think he’s reaching for his business card and he pulls out a concealed weapon and I think he’s going to blow my head off.”

Idaho’s Republican Party told the Associated Press the arrest of one of its leaders was a “personal matter.”

“It’s not a party matter,” Jonathan Parker, state GOP director in Boise, told AP.

One of McAffee’s supporters said the homeowner’s account was false:

“McAffee brandished the weapon to de-escalate the conflict,” he asserted.

Yes, you read that right: he pulled a gun to de-escalate the conflict.

And these are the sort of clowns who need to carry guns to a protest march?

Can’t wait for the next Rethugly to claim MLK was a Republican!

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Weekly Address: Myths and Morality in Health Insurance Reform

President Obama debunks the Rethugs lies on Health Care Reform.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Weekly Address: Myths and Morality in…“, posted with vodpod
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Beware of Public Beaches!

Why conservatism fails…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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