The Black Hatfields and McCoys

27 Aug

The most famous American family feud was that between the Hatfield and McCoy families who lived in the mountains on either side of the Kentucky – West Virginia border. The feud spanned about a 75 year period after the Civil War, and resulted in a number of murders, shootouts, and beat downs as each family sought revenge for the wrongs, percieved or real from the other. 100 years later the feud is memorialized in frescoes along the Tug River Dam, and has become American Legend. The families have long since buried the hatchet, and at the last joint family get together over 5,000 relatives showed up.

The Hatfied-McCoy, Moore-Sayer Family Feuds - Definately Not The TV Game Show

The Hatfied-McCoy, Moore-Sawyer Family Feuds - Definately Not The TV Game Show

Probably unaware of American History, two families in Marion, Alabama – the Sawyer and Moore families seem determined to repeat it –

MARION, Ala. — Two feuding families and their friends lined opposite sides of a small-town Alabama street and hurled rocks, tools and pieces of wood at each other, striking the police chief with a crowbar, in a riot rooted in a disagreement that began years ago with schoolchildren.

Members of the Sawyer and Moore families were in jail Tuesday, a day after the melee that swelled to 150 people, including gang members.

“They came with guns, sticks, bricks, golf clubs. It was a bad situation,” said police chief Tony Bufford, who was OK.

State police and officers from other west Alabama towns were called to keep the peace in Marion, which was under a 10 p.m. curfew.

Bufford said the families have been feuding for at least two years but wasn’t sure exactly what happened to start it all except it was over schoolchildren.

Five adults named either Moore or Sawyer and several juveniles were arrested on assault charges, said District Attorney Michael Jackson, and more charges were likely. In all, at least eight people were arrested in the city of 3,300 about 85 miles west of Montgomery.

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