Glenn Beck Counter Attacks!

25 Aug

If you have been checking in here, or over at more leading sites such as  Jack and Jill and Color of Change who are leading the charge for responsible journalism over the nation’s airwaves – then you know about the Glenn Back Boycott.

So far, over 36 Advertisers have asked for their ads to be removed from Faux New’s Glenn Beck Show, or removed their advertisements entirely from Faux, in a response to incendiary comments made over the public airwaves by Beck threatening President Obama.

Resulting in Glenn Beck “taking a vacation”.

Seeking traction against his “Enemies”, Beck and a number of his defenders on the right searched for a “Reverend Wright” to tar and caricature as something (ANYTHING!) which might be portrayed as a “Giant Negro” …

Leading to their attack on Van Jones, who co-founded Color of Change and now is one of the President’s “Czars”. Here is yet another “Thrilla in Vanilla” –

Unfortunately for the Beck supporters, the facts get in the way of a really good right wing rant session (although that’s never bothered them in the past)…

First – Van Jones’ affiliation with Color of Change ended in 2005, four years ago, whereas the Boycott of Beck started only about a month ago.

Second – In criticizing the role of the President’s Czars, Beck deliberately misses one small fact. The reason the Czars are not subject to the “advise and consent” Cabinet level positions are…

The unfortunate fact (for the right wingnuts) they don’t have the authority to make policy, federal regulations, or to direct the Federal Agencies (Agriculture, Energy, Commerce, Labor, etc) to do their bidding…

They are “advisers” to the President.

What’s different from the Bushit Administration is that the Czars are paid by the Federal Government and responsible to the the People, whereas the “Think Tanks” they replaced such as American Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institute, and Cato are funded by shadowy right wing “Foundations” to say what those “Foundations” want said. The same “Foundations” which fund racist and white supremacist groups as well as pseudo science in racial eugenics most infamously by people like Charles Murray, Thomas Sowell, and Dinesh D’Souza…

Indeed, if you follow the money trail, virtually every black conservative (as well as those white conservative working for the “Institutes”) you see published, or on the air is funded (bought and paid for) by these same “Foundations”.

Third – In this country we have a concept of Personal Change and Redemption. One of our most popular story lines advanced in countless books and movies is of a leading character with a shady past, who turns it around to do good. Look closely at the past, particularly of religious conservatives who have found “redemption” – and you will likely uncover some pretty seedy acts committed “before seeing the light” (and all to frequently – after). I mean, hanging around with, or embracing “revolutionary thought” in terms of Marxism or Leninism pales in comparison to the low moral turpitude of being  a prostitute, diddling someone else’s wife while cheating on your own, engaging in sex acts with children, committing bestiality, or using taxpayer money to fund visits to a whorehouse or mistress (much less in another country).

It would seem while communism has died a timely death, the need for conservative “redemption” will be with us as long as there are sanctimonious conservatives.

So… Does the charge that Van Jones is a wild eyed communist bomb thrower carry any weight?

Only if you are a conservative badly in need of frequent “redemption”.

Give it up, Beck – You’re toast.


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2 responses to “Glenn Beck Counter Attacks!

  1. brotherbrown

    August 25, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    They pulled out all the cinemagraphic and rhetorical tricks in that piece, didn’t they? I guess Van Jones is not a “real” American, either.


  2. btx3

    August 26, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    Van Jones is the wrong color to be a real American by the Beckazoids definition.



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