Countdown: Is Obama abandoning the public option?

18 Aug

I certainly hope what President Obama said about the Single Payer Government Option is a misconstrual or misunderstanding of what he meant.

Because if he really does mean he is willing to abandon this in some misguided attempt to placate the bigots, I’m turning in my Obama card – because his Presidency is over.

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In the process of reading a book I did a blog on a few weeks ago, “The State of Jones which describes the run-up to the Southern States Secession in the first few chapters. Much of the rhetoric used to justify the secession, and the war is so similar to today’s Tea Bigot Tirades it’s almost scary. Even more similar is the fact that the people who most loudly supported secession, were wealthy slaveholders who ultimately forced the vote through, even though a majority of people in many parts of the South opposed it.

Like the Civil War, almost all of the Southern people who did the actual fighting and dying were poor yeomen or farmers who, by 1862 had to be dragged at the point of a gun and bayonet to be dragooned into service. Neo-confederates will proudly proclaim that 90% of the men who fought in the confederate army didn’t own slaves. The fact that the wealthy slveholders were quite happy to let their poor, low class, neighbors do the fighting and bleeding, totally sails over their pointy little heads, mayhaps because they have been bent over for far too long with a rod up their ass to stand up and see straight.

Rich (which mean those who owned slaves) farmers, with the most to win or lose in the war financially, eluded service by a series of exemptions, including sending their slaves in their place to serve as manual laborers and logistics workers for the confederate Army – and, the infamous 20 Negro Law, which required that one white male of military conscription age stay on the Plantation for every 20 Negro slaves.

You can bet, much like our Volunteer Army, you’ll find a heck of a lot of people from poor and middle class circumstance – but damn few from the wealthy families and Republicans who so vociferously have led us into the last 2 wars. They were (and are) far too busy staying at home managing the Plantation.

The “Plantation” in this case is the Health Care industry. A multi-billion dollar industry which consumes 1/6 of our GDP, and makes billionaires out of health executives. Joe the Plumber, just like his great greandfather Joe the confederate is getting royally screwed here – and just like the Civil War…

It’s all over Negroes.

Now, the reason Democrats have been so ineffectual the last 20 years is the simple fact that when they left their Union street fighter background to climb into limos…

They left their balls at the curb.

Street fighter 101 is – You kick ’em in the balls, then you kick ’em in the teeth.

And you repeat as necessary until the necessary level of comity is achieved…

Or they don’t get up anymore.

I surely hope our President hasn’t gone chickenshit on us.

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4 responses to “Countdown: Is Obama abandoning the public option?

  1. t-shirts101

    August 18, 2009 at 9:51 PM

    Ok, I admit to being a bit politically slow, so please forgive me if I miss something here (seriously)…

    …Obama seems to be in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. And it’s coming from the Dems. The liberal Dems want the bill passed with a public option, and the blue dogs don’t. Either way, reform fails due to insufficient votes.

    The Republicans (most of them) are entirely unreasonable, so there’s no hope there.

    Is Obama’s backing off the public option an attempt to appease those in his own party? Maybe a “government influenced co-op” as an alternative to single payer, for example, is the compromise that must be made to have something, rather than nothing passed.

    As you’ve stated, the street fight is lacking from the Dems and is an absolute weakness. They were elected in the House, Senate, and Presidency for a reason. The fact that cohesiveness is lacking is frustrating. Is Obama just making the best of a bad situation?


  2. btx3

    August 18, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    I think there are several problems, not the least which has to do with the weakness in the leadership in the Senate and House. I think Pelosi and Reid are too weak to pull this off.

    The second problem is that they have let this “Blue Dog” bullshit go on way to long. Back when Tom Delay was the Republican Majority Whip in Congress he earned the nickname “The Hammer” for making the troops march in a straight line. Between the Executive, and an operating majority in the Dem Caucus one hell of a lot of pressure can be applied to get folks in line on the big stuff – like Health Care.

    Third, the Internet driven media has been eviscerating the Rethugs. What isn’t happening is a counter attack by the ground troops. The Beck Boycott is really the first major move by the left – they need to follow it up with direct action, such as protests and noise in front of the companies which are funding the Tea Bigots. Put their asses on the front page, every single day. Put the cost of their greed on the front page in real human terms.

    Third, the power of the Executive can be frightening if wielded by a ruthless bastard like Cheney. Maybe it’s time for the Rethugs to get some of their own medicine. I have felt for a long time that the network of secret funding for certain conservative hit groups is questionable, if not downright illegal. Think in terms of RICO…

    Lastly, Obama needs to quit putzing around on prosecuting the members of the last administration for their crimes. Time to lock the bastards up, try them, and if convicted – throw away the key.


  3. blindersoff

    August 19, 2009 at 12:22 AM

    I am sick and tired how the Democrats coward to the Republicans. The majority of America voted Democrat, yet the Republicans are still running sh*t. Washington DC is full of paid and bought politicians. IMO, it is time to vote the blue dogs out and replace them with some Democrats who are not afraid to stand up to the Republicans. I am sick and tired of both parties…Corporations and old money run this damn country!


  4. btx3

    August 19, 2009 at 8:54 AM

    I agree with you blindersoff. These people are not doing what we elected them to.



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