If It Quacks Like a Duck… Conservatism and Whining About Being Identified as Racist

11 Aug

This is one of two videos by conservative talk jock Alex Jones. Now, conservatives have dominated the radio air waves since shortly after Raygun killed the Fairness Doctrine, and the FCC began loosening rules on station ownership allowing radio stations to be consolidated as Right Wing propaganda outlets under a few owners. The ability to propagandize their talking points 24 x 7 over the airwaves without criticism, or offering up opposing viewpoints has been a foundation of the success of the Republican Party and the spread of conservatism.

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That is beginning to change. And the fear is palpable among conservative commentators who have ramped up vitriolic, and often racist commentary in an attempt to rally the base listenership. This particular conservative, tries and make the rather weak point, that anyone calling conservative commentary “racist”, even when it is racist – is violating the First Amendment Rights and is dragging the country into a totalitarian state.

He’s lying. And here is why. Free Speech is not protected over the public airwaves. If you think it is, say one of the “7 deadly words”, or as in the case of Janet Jackson – have a “costume malfunction” which flashes a pasty covered boobie…

And the FCC will hit you directly in the wallet, or – in the case of repeated offenses, pull your station license.

Now, this isn’t true for cable, because cable operates over a private system, where you have to subscribe to get your daily dose of porn or 4 letter invectives. As such, conservative hatemongers like CNN’s Lou Dobbs, and the Faux News Network are free to malign, falsify, and or ramp up the racist rhetoric to their heart’s content .

Here is Alex Jones Part Deux –

The “Corporate Media” Alex is discussing here is YouTube. It seems that Alex ran afoul of YouTube with this video –

Now – while I agree with Alex that nothing in this last video is inherently racist (the others are a different issue) – he tramples all over another line, which is the “Shouting Fire in a crowded Theatre” paradigm. What Alex is proposing here is Treason, and in waving his gun – he is advocating violence.

For that reason, and that reason alone – Alex should be removed from the airwaves…

And prosecuted for his crimes.

If the stations which foist Alex upon the public airwaves are unable, or unwilling to take action…

Then, they need to lose their licenses to operate over the public airwaves. This is neither fair criticism, nor honest dissent…

This is a call to violence.

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