Tea Bloggers Astro-Turf The Internet

10 Aug

Politics and Technology Blog has come up with a new one – a recruiting poster for paid political bloggers for the right…



That’s right – folks paid to spam the blogsphere.

There’s a company called Advantage Consultants that’s offering up “professional blog warriors” to “flood the zone” with comments. In short, astro-turf trolls for the blogsphere.

Click to zoom on their ad at right, but here’s the text:

Are you ready for a blog attack? Get ahead of your opponent with Professional Blog Warriors.

Be prepared to “flood the zone” with comments from professionals who are ready to put your talking points on the blogosphere 24/7.

Whether it’s defense or offense, Advantage Consultants has a dedicated team of experienced blog warriors ready to advance your candidate or campaign.

Why wait for the attack? Launch your attack with a battery of blog and forum comments aimed at all media and blog sites in your district.

Contact us today and let us show you the Advantage in professional blog warfare.

Advantage Consultants is owned by Doug Guetzloe, a former aid to Florida Governor Crist, long term Republican Party Operative, and right wing radio host. His bio can be found here.

Guetzloe, apparently styles himself after the Brooks Brothers Mafia –

Political consultant Doug Guetzloe was indicted in March (2008) for lying to the Florida Election Commission about work he did in a 2003 race for for Daytona Beach City Commission.

(2006) Political consultant Doug Guetzloe was under more fire Friday. Eyewitness News has new information on how he allegedly tried to get Orange County schools to pay him, “or else,” while the Orlando Magic coughed up $200,000 to keep him from opposing a new arena.

Guetzloe Organizing the Orlando Tea Baggers

And, apparently in the process of being removed from office by his own Party for dealings with an indicted elected official.

Now this isn’t the first time a political party has utilized paid posters to flood the Internet. Back in the mid-90’s Neut’s Troops were very effective in overwhelming progressive voices on the Internet, turning AOL, which was one of the major providers at the time, into a virtual cesspool of racist and far-right wing lunacy. Several Call Center type operations were set up to flood message boards 24 x 7 and relentlessly repeat the message, with operators using multiple screen names to give the appearance of a much larger base of support.

The Democrats really didn’t get their act together until 2000, when the close election between Gore and Bushit ended in the illigitimate selection of the Bushit by the Supreme Court Gang of 5.

Coming to a blog near you, will likely be a wave of these well funded mercenary bloggers, who will seek, just as they do in Town Hall Meetings to drown out rational discussion.

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