None Dare Call it… Treason!

08 Aug

Glenn Back is at it again – this time discussing poisoning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi –

The Right Wing in this country has been on a steadily downward spiral since the Contract on America, Neut Gingrich “revolution” in 1994. Spurned by voters for near 40 years, Republicans sought “to get some of their own back” from the real and perceived slights inflicted upon members of the minority Party.

Republicans took majority control of the House in 1994 with a chip on their shoulder – and that chip, despite holding power for 12 years – never left.

That chip included private and public derisiion of the Left, and a naked attempt to turn the term “Liberal” into an epithet, a 6 year campaign to illigitimately impeach a sitting President through any means necessary, as well as repeated attacks upon his family…

It’s crossed the line.

There has been a massive upsurge in death threats agains President Obama

President Obama has gotten more death threats in a shorter period of time than any other president in US history. The legion of right side talk radio gabbers, the GOP induced professional mobsters who commit orchestrated mayhem at health care town halls, the birthers, the countless websites and chatrooms that crackle with anti Obama venom, and the endless montage of race baiting cartoons, characterizations and depictions of Obama and First Lady Michelle have created a viperous climate of hate and that knows no bounds.

There have also been death threats against Democrat Congressmen –

Congressman Gets Death Threat for Not Holding Public Meeting

Democratic Rep. Brad Miller received the call Monday, one of hundreds the congressman’s office has fielded demanding town-hall meetings on the health care proposal, said his spokeswoman, LuAnn Canipe. She said the callers were “trying to instigate town halls so they can show up and disrupt.”

Miller never had plans to hold a town-hall meeting of people to discuss the plan.
The threatening caller, when told by a staffer that Miller was not planning a meeting, claimed the congressman didn’t want to meet with people face to face because he knew it would cost him his life, according to Canipe. The staffer then asked if the caller was making a threat. The caller, said Canipe, replied that there are a lot of angry people out there.

Threatening the lives of our elected representatives…

Is treason.

And it is time for Law Enforcement to persue it as such.

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