AKA Sorority Lawsuit Heats Up

06 Aug

I grew up in a house festooned with Pink and Green. My Mother is a 60+ year Soror, who sadly has succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. She doesn’t remember even her son much of the time – but enjoys being visited. However, two things impressed me about the sincerity and dedication of the AKA Sorors…

AKA Sisters, Litho.

AKA Sisters, Litho.

First, I recently had to move my Mother from one Senior Center to a different type of nursing home due to a bad fall, wherein she fractured her hip. Things happened so quickly I didn’t have time to do anything to prepare her new room, in which she would be confined for the next 6 weeks. She was quite upset that she was in a new place, and repeated to me over and over – “This isn’t my house”. In her old room I had hung a litho of an AKA meeting she had bought years ago, and her precious pink and green AKA pillows. As soon as I transferred these things to her new room, her mood immediately brightened – smiling for the first time since the accident.

Second, her Sorority Sisters still look in on her at least once a month. She usually doesn’t recognize them, but nonetheless is buoyed by their visits and attention. Over the past 5 years, they have been as consistent and dedicated as my Mother’s Church – in some cases more so.

So, the news of the issues in the Sorority are noteworthy to this guy.

As I reported earlier, a group of Sorors have filed lawsuit against the current Sorority President for misappropriation of funds. They allege that she has given herself a $375,000 salary in what had historically been an unpaid position, and utilized an organization credit card to purchase numerous personal items.

The next major step in the Lawsuit will be a meeting August 22, 2009  in Philadelphia at The Legendary Blue Horizon where the attorneys and plaintiffs in the lawsuit have scheduled a meeting to answer questions and give an update on the suit. The plaintiffs have also created a website – Friends of the Weeping Ivy,  providing updates, a method to donate for legal expenses, and a forum where other Sorors may go for updates and ask questions or make comments.

Now – I don’t have an opinion on who may be in the right here, nor is it my place to insert one – however, the evidence as included in the 2007 Income Tax filing is pretty damning – 2007 Tax Exempt Form 990 where on page 3 of the Federal Statements Section, it does show $375,000 being paid to Barbara McKinzie. Assuming this is true, this would be an extraordinary salary for the head of a individual funded non-profit of this size – by nearly a factor of 2, especially if not combined with some sort of performance/bonus metric.

Sad days… Indeed.


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3 responses to “AKA Sorority Lawsuit Heats Up

  1. brotherbrown

    August 7, 2009 at 12:16 AM

    Sisterbrown’s paternal grandmother is suffering from alzheimer’s. Actually, I believe she was undiagnosed for far too long, and had walked away from the house one day, only to be returned by a long-time neighbor, when her daughter, who lives three or four states away, took matters into her own hands to get her squared away. The trouble is, it leaves her deadbeat eldest son, my father-in-law (in name only) with no place to go and his only child, sisterbrown, all the way on the west coast. It’s a sad dilemma when you have to be a parent for your father who wasn’t much of a father when you needed one as a little girl. A broke down 70-something man without a pot to piss in.

    It’s too bad about the AKA’s. This sounds depressingly similar to the case of Dr. Priscilla Slade at Texas Southern University. Read all about it/


  2. btx3

    August 7, 2009 at 12:28 AM

    Having a good friend who is a College President, whose home I have visited – I’m not sure Slade is totally out to lunch. If the University got use of her home for entertaining, which is the typical role of small college Presidents – then that value far exceeds the piss ant $4,000 they are paying. If you don’t believe me, go try and rent a half-decent hotel ballroom for a catered dinner, with appetizers and drinks for 20 or 30.

    Further – as long as clear records exist of what the College owns, and what it doesn’t – and that agrees with the check…

    It’s hard to see where the school has been wronged.



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