The New Economy – Getting Back to Basics

21 Jul

One of the reasons the Bushshits tanked the American economy has to do with their love of anti-competition. The Bushits never met a merger or acquisition they couldn’t approve of – no matter how uncompetitive it made the marketplace. The result was a near collapse in the development of new telecommunications technologies, as well as the destruction of an entire generation of companies, some of which might have emerged to be the new Microsofts or Ciscos.

It will take years to recover from the damage wrought in the marketplace by the conservatives – with a loss of American competitiveness for perhaps the next 10-20 years.

This interview with the new Federal Communication Commission Chair lays out the groundwork of getting one of our key industries back on it’s feet. Not surprisingly, the key to that is going to be small business –

Julius Genachowski, President Obama’s pick to lead the Federal Communications Commission, has a soft spot for the little guy.

In his first interview since taking over the federal agency, Genachowski talked about the importance of “edge” Internet and software companies in pushing forward technological advances. He suggested that these companies might play a key role in boosting the economy and in helping the agency meet its mandate to bring high-speed Internet access to all Americans.

Julius GenachowskiJulius Genachowski

“That’s where the greatest innovation is,” he said. “What is interesting to me is to find ways to work with early-stage innovators to build from the edge and work on tomorrow’s ideas.”

The 46-year-old former venture capitalist offered few specifics on how he would bring those entrepreneurs into an agency that is still grappling with arcane policies on sharing telephone wires and the distribution of radio broadcast licenses. And he did not weigh in on some of the most vexing issues confronting the FCC, including complaints about exclusive wireless partnerships such as the one AT&T and Apple forged with the iPhone.

But he touted the role of high-tech and telecom startups and smaller competitors in creating jobs as the administration pushes to bring broadband access to the nation.

“I’ve seen innovation and job creation happen on the platform, on the edge of the platform and in the cloud,” Genachowski said, using techspeak to refer to computers, handhelds and other mobile devices and Web-based applications.

Genachowski has experience working with such firms. He founded the Washington-area startup incubator LaunchBox Digital and was a former executive at Barry Diller’s Internet firm IAC/Interactive, which is constantly on the prowl for new ventures.

He also worked previously in the FCC, serving as general counsel to Chairman Reed Hundt, among other roles.

That background has “helped me see how government can make a difference by creating a climate for competition and innovation,” he said.

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