Governor David Paterson of NY… Drops the Hammer!

09 Jul

Update -09/12/2009. Looks like the good folks of New York suffered another terrorist attack on 9/11 –

ALBANY— Republicans in the State Senate blocked a plan to overhaul the state’s ethics laws Thursday night, the latest blow to attempts to reform New York’s scandal-prone government.

Original Post –

Facing 5 weeks of political stalemate and vicious gridlock in the NY Senate which has brought the state of New York nearly to it’s knees –

Governor Paterson drops the hammer. And no, it isn’t the appointment of the new Lt. Governor…

He’s suspended the Senator’s paychecks and expense vouchers!

Since they can’t pass any legislation – they can’t even get a bribe.

This is gonna hurt!

Tell ’em it’s time to get on up… And Boogie for the citizens of New York.

Taste of Honey started in Los Angeles, California, and originally consisted of JANICE MARIE JOHNSON (vocals, bass), HAZEL PAYNE (vocals, guitar), Perry Kibble (keyboards) and Donald Johnson (drums).

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