Uncle Tommie Clarence… Again.

29 Jun

If you think this is about Ricci – You’re wrong (mostly).

The election of a black President of the United States has sent shock waves through the ever shrinking conservative Republican community. The sort of thing not seen in this country since 1929 when the Stock Market Crash resulted in folks jumping out of windows in high buildings…

The fear and loathing on the part of white conservatives has been palpable, with talks of secession from the Union being bandied around in conservative circles in several states.  After all, what white conservative could stand being subordinate to a black man?

The collateral damage to black conservatives has been even worse. Their stock in trade and road to riches has been paved with various pronouncements of the real and imaginary depravities of their race, laced with righteous indignation that the majority of black folks would indeed prefer Liberals over conservatives. I mean – let’s face it, the only stock in the country lower right now than a failed bank, is that of black conservatives swearing that black folks need to leave the “Democrat Plantation” because the Democrats are too racist to ever elect a black man to a real position of power…

It’s the Terrified of Obama for Master Syndrome… TOMS for short, as differentiated from the dread Conservative Republican and Black Syndrome


Evidence? Right here on this blog I have documented the hysteria of Thomas Sowell, RNC Chair Michael Steele, Republican Candidate Perennial Alan Keyes, and Alan Keys Lost Other Brother

Looking at the electoral disaster of the last year, and the ever self shrinking pool of viable candidates, corporate conservatism indeed needs to lay off some conservative Negroes. The ever increasingly shrill and harsh epithets issuing from the mouths of black conservatives…

Is nothing more than the dying wails of the outmoded and outdated.

Which brings us to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Now here is one black conservative with job security – being appointed to the court for life, but the unbearable pressure of an elected black man – a black man who could well appoint his replacement (if things go well) in the event of severe illness or natural death…

Seems to have pushed him off the edge.

Case in point, Uncle Tommie’s lone dissent last week in the case of strip searching nubile High School girls. Shades of Long Dong Silver! The notable point here isn’t that Uncle Tommie supports the field stripping of buxom High School girls – but the fact that for the second time in a week he unplugged his firmly planted nose from Scalia’s ass (he did it for the children!) to dissent.

This is truly House Negro in crisis behavior!

As to Ricci … 5-4… What else did you expect? While it is hard to argue that justice wasn’t finally done for Ricci and the firefighters who passed the test in New Haven, it’s much harder to argue that the precedent set forth by the SCUMUS 5 doesn’t buttress The New Jim Crow, in that they didn’t appear to confine the decision narrowly.

Let’s hope slavery doesn’t come up on the docket before one of the SCUMUS 5 meets a natural demise.

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