Staying Out of Iran

22 Jun

Lot of criticism this past week from the  neo-con-nitwit set directed against President Obama for failing to “do something” about the internal crisis in Iran. Of course we know the neo-con-nitwit response would be to fly onto a US carrier in the Persian Gulf to prance across the deck declaring our unyielding commitment to “Mission Accomplished” and sock stuffed flight suits…

Why is this a stupid idea – Conservative George Will explains for his less intellectually endowed brethren-

Why is any US involvement a bad idea? The Iranians have a long memory of foreign intervention in their country, including the US support of the Shah.  Let’s not forget the millions killed in the US sponsored and supported Iraq-Iran War.

As such, the Iranian government would love to paint the Green Revolution protesters as being foreign directed – no doubt by a “shady-evil” operation like the CIA. Even the Green Revolution folks have reason to despise any active American efforts, besides the obvious point of “It’s our country, it’s our revolution” – there is also the small issue of the US track record in formulating government overthrow in other countries. The 1956 Hungarian “Uprising”, the Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War

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President Obama, don’t the the neo-con-nitwits goad you into something stupid! This one probably is going to get really ugly before it is over – with the Iranian government’s Republican Guard again massacring it’s own citizens, and imprisoning and executing those that they can catch. Undoubtedly, such will also include an attempt on the Green Revolution leaders lives. Nothing the Iranian government didn’t do before, as recently as 1999.

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