Special Justice for Rethuglys?

05 Jun

This one is beginning to give me a lot of heartburn. Why is Attorney General Holder focusing on cases of prosecutorial misconduct and improper conviction of guilty as hell Rethuglys who got wrist slap sentences from Rethugly judges?

Jails - Great Places for White Collar Criminals

Jails - Great Places for White Collar Criminals

Especially when there are tens of thousands of innocent people sitting behind bars who got bad trials due to overzealous prosecutions, prosecutorial misconduct, racially biased juries, or racist Republican Judges. Folks who, got the book thrown at them because they are the wrong ethnic background or color. People sitting in those prisons for decades…

Instead of just a few months.

Holder Asks That Jailed Alaska Lawmakers Be Freed

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. asked a court to release two imprisoned former Alaska state lawmakers after the Justice Department found that prosecutors had improperly handled evidence in their trials on corruption charges. The move is the second embarrassing retreat for department prosecutors since the conviction of former Senator Ted Stevens, Republican of Alaska, was tossed out in April. Mr. Holder is asking a federal appeals court to send the cases of the former Alaska House speaker, Peter Kott, and former State Representative Victor Kohring back to the trial judge. Mr. Holder made the request after finding that prosecutors had failed to turn over evidence to the defense. The Justice Department said it was also asking the appeals court to release the two men on their own recognizance. In 2007, Mr. Kohring was convicted of bribery and extortion-related charges and sentenced to three and one-half years in prison. Mr. Kott was also convicted in 2007 and sentenced to six years in prison. Both are Republicans.

Just from today’s news we have –

A Chicago man has officially been declared innocent after spending more than 16 years in prison. Thaddeus Jimenez was arrested for the murder of Eric Morro when he was 13. Jimenez, now 30, was granted Wednesday a certificate of innocence by a Cook County judge.

This case in Houston

Nearly seven years after an 8-year-old boy was sexually assaulted, his attacker is finally sentenced. It’s a crime that has since haunted the young child and sent an innocent man to prison. The District Attorney’s Office said the real attacker, Andrew Wayne Hawthorne, a known sex offender, was already serving time in prison. Thursday, he pleaded guilty, agreeing to the maximum sentence possible. For six long years, Ricardo Rachell sat in a prison cell, charged with sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy, but all the while he maintained his innocence. “The DNA was never tested in that case, the DA never requested a test and it wasn’t done,” said Donna Hawkins a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office. When that DNA was finally tested, it not only cleared Rachell, but it proved Hawthorne’s guilt.

The ongoing case of Jamie and Gladys Scott, outlined at Black Commentator

This one from (where else?) Texas

DALLAS — Jerry Lee Evans, a wrongly convicted man released Wednesday after nearly 23 years in prison, said he was certain he would be acquitted during his 1987 trial for aggravated sexual assault with a deadly weapon.

“My whole defense was that when the young lady saw me in court, she’d say she made a mistake,” said Evans, the latest innocent man cleared by DNA testing in Dallas County. “But that’s the way life is. Life ain’t fair.”

I mean, can’t Holder find a better use of his time than screwing around with the cases of some guilty as hell Rethuglys, convicted by incompetent and crooked Rethugly prosecutors? People who by all rights should have been locked up until the next century…

I mean … Don Siegleman in Alabama comes to mind if he needs a “political” case to chase.

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