GOP Senator Graham Poses the Question

01 Jun

In this interview on Faux, GOP Senator Lindsay Graham is asked the question – “Is Sotomayor a racist as ‘Drugbo’ and ‘Neut’ claim?”

Graham goes into a discussion based on fairness. We he, a southern white guy get a fair hearing before Sotomayor?

Which begs the question…

The Bushit appointed hundreds of old white men to the Federal Bench. Indeed, he appointed fewer minority jurists than any President since Raygun, making up less than 5%…

Now- while being an old white guy from South Carolina certainly doesn’t mean that you are necessarily a racist – in consideration of our nation’s troubled history of racism, and in particular your party’s recent troubled history…

Maybe your feeling like a minority standing before Judge Sotomayor…

Is a good thing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And just might lead you into feeling that “empathy” thing, and lead you to thinking twice about appointing one of your fellow “old white men with a troubled racial history” – such as you supported not too long ago with Judge Pickering.

Even better, the appointment of Sotomayor might just be a small step in balancing a court, led by an “old” white guy, whose appointment was fully supported by you…

Who is a racist.

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