Wanda Sykes on a Roll – Waitin’ for Weezy!

Here’s Wanda again, challenging the mainstream press’ fascination with Michelle Obama…Waiting for Weezy…Indeed.

6 Responses

  1. that was perfect…,

  2. Home girl got the move down to a T!

  3. I’ve always liked Wanda, but I’m really feeling her here. I was about to go to bed when Leno’s line up was announced, and I stayed up to watch her.

  4. Wanda can be a bit on the edgy side, and downright offensive.

    On this one though, she hit it dead center.

  5. That “edgy-ness” is why I like Wanda, the same reason I like Chris Rock… although I’ve noticed that Chris seems to be sacrificing humor for a few too many “MF’s”. I hope Wanda doesn’t go that same route (I don’t think she will).

  6. Wanda can get pretty rank when she gets into her lesbian thing, and she is a comedienne who can bomb some jokes…

    But when she is on – she is truly funny.

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