Red State Update! Sotomayor racist?

Never let it be said that BTx3 doesn’t give t ime and space for conservative opinions!

As part of BTx3’s grassroots effort…

Here’s a REAL Red State update on the conservative accusations about Sotomayor being “racist”…

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5 Responses

  1. All I could do was chuckle at these two guys.

  2. These guys are great!

    They been at this for a while, check them out on YouTube.

  3. Hi Btx3,

    These guys are fun. Their characters play off of each other really well.

    I saw one the other day where they played Billy Bob Thornton interviewing Joaquim Phoenix. They were both just about comatose and very believable (after hearing the real interviews those guys gave).

    Here’s the url:

  4. Have to check into their bios. They are really funny. I first picked upon them about a couple of years ago when their production was pretty low tech. I believe there is a whole series on YouTube.

    Very talented guys!

  5. Man, they were instrumental during the election season. They were posted on many of the left-wing blogs.

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