Ireland – Catholic Child Sex Abuse Scandal

27 May

Saw this incredible video on YouTube. The pain and anguish of this victim is self evident, and riveting. The scale and duration of abuse fostered by pedophile Catholic Priests, supposedly caring for orphaned children is staggering…

According to a piece at Irish Central

The report of the Commission on Child Abuse makes clear the depravity and monstrous behaviour of the Catholic Church. They stole, lied and terrorised. They assaulted children. They scalded them, flogged them and . . . raped them. Sometimes, the children were gang-raped. The holy men and women locked children up for days in tiny rooms, cupboards and pig sties. One recalls being bitten by rats during his incarceration.

Eight hundred pedophiles were known to have existed within the Church. Obviously, there were more than 1,000 pedophiles (perhaps many more) raping and/or molesting boys and girls. The question on most people’s lips in Ireland has been: “How did the Church get away with it for so long?”

Here is a BBC Report on a few of the findings –

More horrifying is this from Sky News

The inquiry also criticised the Irish Department of Education after discovering Government files on 27,000 children committed to reformatory and industrial schools disappeared, some as recently as 2001.

In an interim report in 2003, it was revealed that hundreds of boys and girls were beaten with a list of weapons, including leather straps, sticks and farm implements.

A week ago, there was a big brouhaha about President Obama speaking at Notre Dame University. Some of the anointed sanctimonious were upset that he might harm fragile graduate minds with his position on abortion…

Think there is a much larger issue here than just the Presidnet’s position on abortion.

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