Revenge of the Nerds

28 Apr

I’ll always associate the age of the monster truck with conservatism in the Bushsquat administration. Republicans passed a tax deduction which allowed the purchase of utility vehicles up to $65,000 as a writeoff against a business…

Even if that business was electronic greeting cards over the internet.

The result was an explosion in Giant Useless Truck sales…

Road/Energy Hog

Road/Energy Hog

Which will likely stand to epitomize the screwing of America and the environment by the Bushsquats.

While sometimes there was good news…

Don't Mess With a Bus!

Don't Mess With a Bus!

The sweetest thing is indeed…

We're Comiong to Get You!

We're Coming to Get You!


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Posted by on April 28, 2009 in Nawwwwww!


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