Why Do Black People Vote for Democrats? A Conservative Mind Freak on Race

This one is a riot! If you have ever talked to a conservative across the WWW, or read a line or two of their Jockey Suited black Proxies…

You’ve heard this story.

This is probably the prototype for conservative propaganda and doublethink – and in the late 80’s and 90’s was popularized by conservative “think” tanks. The beauty of it is, at least from the conservative meisters viewpoint – the more racist a conservative is, the more likely they are to take this as truth. And thus it is effective propaganda as it leverages already existing prejudices and fears.

This is satire – and it’s great satire!


Ghadaffi Compares Self to Queen, Blames Bin Lauden, is Granted Asylum in Arizona…

Libyan, (hopefully) soon to be ex-Dictator today compared himself to the Queen of England!

‘I’m like the Queen of England,’ Gaddafi rants as rebels close on his bunker

Just so my English frinds don’t think we are all “confused” here in America – here is a pic of the Queen and Muhammar…

Hate to break this on you Muhammar... But the Queen's Dress is much prettier than yours! And her hat is stunning, unlike whatever that is you got wrapped around your head masquerading as one of those Russian hats with the pull down ear flaps...

And another thing… Does the Sammie Davis Estate know you stole his glasses from his 1960’s Vegas “Rat Pack” Collection?

Sammy Davis With "Vegas" Glasses

Now – as to Osama Bin Lauden causing all the recent troubles in Libya… I’m not sure he’s after the whole country…

Bin Lauden's New Bodyguard?

In any event, if you will leave the country in the next 48 Hours I beleive we have set up the perfect place for you to hide ou… errrrrr… seek asylum!

The climate is perfect, and similar to North Africa. And just the friendliest folks you’ve ever met – with a small “immigration problem”!

I know! I know! You’ve never had an immigration problem in the 30 years you’ve ruled Libya. But Arizona is just perfect! We’ve enrolled you in the Tea Party, which has really been searching for an experienced dictator – and you can run for “Senator for Life” next term as the Party’s favorite candidate against John McCain!

And the best part is… Nobody else in the other 49 states cares anymore!

Uhhhh… No… We won’t be able to bring your bodyguard along… Seems they already defected.

But we can set you up to do a TV Special with Sarah!

And yes, this is an attempt at satire. Even I don’t believe Ghadaffi is crazy enough to hang around a bunch of Tea Bagger Republicans!


TWIB – N-Word Times 11

Aaron McGruder’s Double Barrel Shot at Tyler Perry

Aaron McGruder pokes a lot more than just good humored fun at Tyler Perry’s Medea series.

more about “The BOONDOCKS (EPISODE. 8) “, posted with vodpod

Aaron McGruder’s ‘Boondocks’ lampoons Tyler Perry

Aaron McGruder of “The Boondocks” and Tyler Perry of “Meet the Browns” and TBS’ “House of Payne” are unlikely allies, but they have a common link. Both are the key creative forces behind some of Turner Broadcasting’s popular hits.

Still, executives for the broadcaster, which owns both TBS and the Cartoon Network (home to “Boondocks”), might be wise not to sit the two men together at the same table during the next company picnic.

The latest episode of “The Boondocks,” the satirical animated TV series that airs on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim slate, takes brutal aim at Perry and his brand, which blends melodrama, raucous comedy and religious themes. Coming under intense ridicule is Perry’s portrayal of Madea, the gun-toting, foul-mouthed grandmother at the center of many of his films. Continue reading

Et Tu Obama Girl?

Now I know President Obama is in trouble… He’s lost the Obama Girl!

Insofar as Amber Lee “hearing from” President Obama…

Not unless he enjoys sleeping on the South Lawn.

Black Guys on a Beautiful Day

Hat Tip to Jack and Jill for this one. Go there for the background and credits.

Left me rolling on the floor laughing!

Who’s in Charge?

Categorized under “You may run the world, buddy – but in this house Momma rules”…

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Top 10 Complaints About Black Women

Wow! I know this one is a minefield…


But I didn’t write this one, RK Byers over at NewsOne did

I, like, totally understand the Nazis now. I get how otherwise rational people can be swept up in a completely irrational movement just because everyone else is doing it.

I became a cigarette smoker for 3 years because all the cool people at my job smoked cigarettes. I’m not a man of will. I want to be liked. I’ll go to extremes.

So for the last 3 weeks, I’ve been in the company of a group of men-all Black, all repping straight-all of whom wanted absolutely nothing to do with Black women.

Now, for the 1st week, I held my sisters down. I argued point-for-point, winning logically but losing on popular vote.

In the 2nd week, all I could do was shake my head and sigh at all the slights my Beautiful Queens had to endure.

By the 3rd week, I was like, “And you know what else I hate about them broads…?” Continue reading

Ohhhh Nooooo… Not the Grand Slam!

This satire from the Onion about President Obama visiting a local Denney’s…

And coming away with a far less optimistic view of America’s future.

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Red State Update! Sotomayor racist?

Never let it be said that BTx3 doesn’t give t ime and space for conservative opinions!

As part of BTx3’s grassroots effort…

Here’s a REAL Red State update on the conservative accusations about Sotomayor being “racist”…

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