Mike Tyson Plays Herman Cain in Parody Ad

Funny Mike Tyson run up of a Herman Cain campaign ad!

You KNOW it’s bad when Mike Tyson, who spent 3 years in prison for rape – is making fun of your azz.

Hilarious Description of an Auto Accident – “Boom!”

“Reality really hits you hard, Bro!”

The Most Dramatic Car Accident Ever Told

After George Lindell got rear-ended by a free-wheeling SUV that ultimately crashed into a telephone poll, he recounted the highway saga for KSAZ-TV–onomatopoeia and all.

Kathy Griffin Takes Down Michelle Bachmann

Damn! Even if our president and his fellow elected Democrats don’t have the cajones to say it…

But other folks do.

KKK Leader David Duke Too “Liberal” To Run as a Republican?

Bill Maher … New Rules.


Old Spice Guy… He’s Baaaack!

In what had to be the funniest commercials of 2010, Isaiah Mustafa, a former NFL football player hammed it up in his role as the “Old Spice Guy”.  Commercials starring Mustafa were a huge hit both on the TV and the Internet. Old Spice has contracted with Mustafa for a new round of commercials starting in February. Here is Mustafa’s “press release” about the upcoming commercials…

TWIB – N-Word Times 11

First Lady Michelle Obama Visits the Simpsons

First Lady Michell Obama’s guest “appearance” on the Simpsons to help Lisa with that “nerd” thing…

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Rev. Mack Daddy Pimps It…Again!

This guy has got to get a full time gig on Faux News with Hannity! He is a far more entertaining fruitcake than Jesse Lee, and the usual Tom Show.

Rev Mack Daddy admits he spent 3 1/2 years in prison…”Surrounded by thousands of black men”…


Black Guys on a Beautiful Day

Hat Tip to Jack and Jill for this one. Go there for the background and credits.

Left me rolling on the floor laughing!


Wish he would do one of these on Glenn Becks “Black Summit”…


Rev Long Legged Mack Daddy (Other -Brother) is At it Again!

Here he goes again! This time on Michael Jackson’s funeral – demanding President Obama bump the Jackson family out of the way and take a front row seat!

You know – I now think I know what happened to Geraldine after Flip Wilson passed away!

Geraldine has a brand new gig!

Geraldine has a brand new gig!

Daily Show: Blacks and Jews

Stewart & Wilmore will have you rolling on the floor again!

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