A Couple of Places to Help Haiti

Local DC Folks -

Volunteer for Haitian Relief
Haitian Embassy , 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
The Embassy of Haiti and ServeDC are asking for volunteers to man telephone banks at the Haitian Embassy.
For more information  http://www.haiti.org
If you have time to assist, please contact ServeDC at (202) 727-7925 or  http://www.serve.dc.gov
Anyone located anywhere can assist here. or get leads to local efforts -

If you are able to offer mental health services and grief counseling, please contact the DC Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency at (202) 272-6161.

Additional information on support and volunteerism can obtained by contacting the Haitian Embassy – Greater Washington Haitian Relief Committee is (202) 241-3593 or http://www.gwhrc.org

Just Another Republican High Tech Lynching

Erroll Southers, Obama’s choice to head TSA, withdraws nomination

The Obama administration’s choice to lead the struggling Transportation Security Administration withdrew his name from consideration Wednesday, just weeks after revelations that he had provided misleading information to Congress prompted several Republicans to suggest that his nomination would not move forward without a fight.

Erroll Southers Lynched

Erroll Southers, a former FBI agent and homeland security specialist, was presented as a leader who would improve the TSA’s sprawling operations and enhance passenger screening to prevent such attacks as the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner. Continue reading

Drug Use in Venezuela

What is Chavez smoking?

Boy needs to come up here and join the Republican Party…

To be with the rest of the fruitcakes like Robertson, Beck and Limbaugh.

Guys – I’ve been to Venezuela. They have the finest women in the world. They win the International Beauty contests like the US Basketball Team wins in the Olympics.

Hugo needs to spend a few days on one of their gorgeous beaches, preferably out of the sun…

And get back to reality.

On Obama and the Politics of Failure

I think the Brown win is finally the catharsis which gets the Obama Administration out of the bipartisan stupidity. Going in to the 2008 election, pragmatic analysts knew it was going to take a ruthless SOB to turn this country around and clean up the mess made by the Bushshits and conservatives. The concern with Obama was that he was far too committed to having a beer across the table – and not rolling out the guillotine and lopping off the appropriate heads.

The Plan going forward

The Mr. Nice Guy approach has failed, in no small part because his opponents are under no such delusions.

Early in the Obama Administration there was an agreement that Dems wouldn’t use their majority power, as Republicans had – to go after the miscreants in the opposing Party and previous Administration. That is why you don’t see the Dick, or the rest of the right-wing mafia and war profiteers in jail. That “mercy syndrome” was extended to the banks and Wall Street as the full depth of depravity under the Bushshit resulted in an economic meltdown.

Since fixing the economy isn’t something that can be done within the election cycle, the oldest political maxim since Egyptian times is to put some blood on the floor so the populace can see their leaders are committed to “justice”. It is way past time for Obama to do this, and in not doing it he has screwed his Party – perhaps irreparably for the next cycle.

Over the next 90 days, expect the banks who created this pain, and are still profiting – to begin to feel a whole bunch of pain.

President Obama looks to tap populist anger

Exclusive: President Obama: We Lost Touch with American People Last Year

Proposal Set to Curb Bank Giants

Expect that the Administration will turn the dogs loose on the Republicans. It is way past time for these criminal conservative scum to meet their just desserts.  Face it, trying to be accommodating to these bastards has only resulted in them spitting in Obama’s face. There simply is no accommodation that can be made with rabid dogs.
Continue reading

Michelle Surprises White House Visitors

Can you imagine visiting the White House as a tourist…

And the First Lady is there to greet you?

CNN Reporters Move From Reporting to Rescuers

One of the rules of being a News Reporter is to stay clinically detached enough from the news to report it. This calls for walking by some really heartbreaking things.

CNN’s reporters, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Anderson Cooper haven’t been able to entirely do that during the scenes from hell due to the Haitian earthquake. Yesterday Anderson Cooper rescued a young Haitian boy, who was bleeding suffering from injuries in a food riot…

Dr. Gupta has performed surgery, held the fort at a field clinic after aall the other doctors left – and participated in treating Haitian patients.

Something you’ll never see someone from Faux News do.

The American Taliban

This one from Maddow on how one company is printing Bible verses on scopes utilized by the US Military and given to our Muslim allies to combat Islamic extremists…

This one reminds me of a lesson the British learned in India, near 150 years ago in 1857 during the first Indian Liberation War. The Pattern 1853 Rifle issued Indian Troops fighting for the British was a muzzle loading gun typical of the time. Because the modern brass cartridge had not been invented yet – the powder and bullet were packed in a paper tube together as a expedient to loading the rifle quickly. The paper was coated with a fat to prevent the paper cartridge from getting wet, rendering it useless. To load the gun, the soldier bit off the end of the cartridge, and poured it’s contents down the barrel. This same rifle, as well as this type of paper cartridge was used extensively during the American Civil War until it was displaced by cartridge based designs.

Hindus are vegetarian, and Muslims do not eat pork. Almost immediately upon the issue of the rifles rumors swirled as to the origin of the fat. British officers were largely unsympathetic to the religious sensitivities of their Indian troops…

The result was The Indian “rebellion” of 1857.

The Obama Administration needs to cancel the contract with Trijicon, and ban them from further Federal business.

They are killing our people, for their own religious vanity.

Squandering America

Another important election…

Another Democrat loss.

The Democrats have totally squandered the huge momentum they had after the 2008 election – and the country now seems consigned to another 3 years of utterly dysfunctional government.

At some point the Democrats need to get some cajones and lead – or just pack it up and go home.

The silver lining to this shift in Senate power is this – it has functionally emasculated Joe Lieberman and the other fence sitters. Since it isn’t possible to get 60 votes on anything anymore – then the strategy needs to be smashing legislation through with 51.

If the Obama Administration still wants to play that bipartisanship game which has allowed Republicans to functionally gridlock the government for the last year – they need to pack their effing bags now and get hell out and go on back to Chicago…

Save the country the grief of another 3 years of abject failure.


Wish he would do one of these on Glenn Becks “Black Summit”…


Music Lovers – Check out Nneka

Just ran across this Nigerian born singer, Nneka. Nneka in Igbo means “Mother is right” or “Mother is supreme”.

Nice tune, released in Nigeria and Germany about 10 months ago -

Haitian Cheer American Rescuers – Chant USA! USA!

Any of the right wing scum who don’t think Haitians appreciate what our people are trying to do there in the rescue effot – needs take a look at this -

Hasan Kwame Jeffries – Bloody Lowndes

This one is a few months old – but well worth watching . One of the interesting revelations is where the Black Panther symbolism actually came from…

You know it’s bad when – Chicken Wings…

You got 200 people, standing in line in Chicago’s sub-zero Hawk, for more than 24 hours…

To “win” 6 Chicken wings a week for a year.

That’s maybe $50 worth of wings, tossing in a couple of bottles of overpriced wing sauce.

You’d hope the line is made up up homeless – looking to get a free, and tasty meal – but then why 100’s of Americans need to stand in that line to eat…

Is pretty sad.

For those who don’t need the meal – like those in those fancy tents…

You gotta wonder.

200 Stand in line in Chicago cold for 100 cupons

Chicken-wing promotion draws a (cold) crowd

What won’t people do for a few free chicken wings?

Apparently they will wait for more than a day in freezing temperatures, huddling in blankets, shuffling their feet, marking their places with lawn chairs and tents.

Before the sun rose this morning, nearly 200 cold and apparently hungry people were waiting outside a new Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill scheduled to open at 10 a.m. in southwest suburban Willowbrook.

For what?

For the  promise that the first 100 of them would get a booklet of 52 coupons, good for six free wings each week, no purchase necessary.

That works out to 312 free chicken wings.

“I’ve been out here a long time and it’s freezing. It would be very disappointing if I didn’t win, and I love Buffalo wings,” said Janet Folkerts, one of those waiting this morning.

“I’ve been out since Sunday afternoon and it’s been really cold,” added Buffalo-wing lover Alexis Rockman. “But I’ll be waiting until they open. To get free wings is great and they rock.”

John Frederick  also waited in line through the night. “I’m standing strong,” he said. “Been here quite a while to get free wings.”

The village of Willowbrook helped publicize the event, posting news about the restaurant’s opening on the village’s Web site. The sports-oriented franchise, one of two dozen in the Chicago area, is at 7111 South Kingery Highway.

Why the second 100 people in line were waiting wasn’t clear.

Miracles Continue in Haiti

This video shot on an IPhone by Representative Kendrick Meek,  D-FL and a member of the CBC, shows a 2 year old baby being pulled from the rubble 5 days after being buried by the earthquake.

Kendrick Meek represents more Haitian Americans than any other member of Congress. He has been a long-time in Congress on issues related to Haiti and has traveled to the country more than 15 times.

more about “Miracles Continue in Haiti“, posted with vodpod

Diddy Blog #1001: A Message To Haiti

P. Diddy’s message to the people of Haiti…

more about “Diddy Blog #1001: A Message To Haiti“, posted with vodpod


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