Tea Bagger Treason

This Tea Bagger who is running in the Republican Primary to run against Democrat Sen. Bayh in Illinois threatens to get his guns if he doesn’t win…

With the number of mass killings by whack jobs with guns in this country, what we need is an Andy Griffith – Barney Fife Law for Whackjobs. Not going to take away your “right to bear arms” – but anyplace outside your home, if you make the “Whackjob Alert List” by threatening violent overthrow of the government or mass murder…

You only get to have one bullet… In your pocket – not your gun.

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Rev. Mack Daddy’s At It Again!

Rev Mack Daddy Manning is at it again. Somebody done replaced the communion wine again with something containing hallucinogenic agents. The funny thing about this is Rev Mack Daddy questioning President Obama’s degree from Columbia University. What is funny is that the Rev. Mack Daddy publishes that he has a Phd, and goes by the honorific the Revered Doctor Mack Daddy…

The problem? The Revered Doctor’s Phd was awarded to himself by himself, though his own “church” – not any accredited College or University, or even a Seminary.

I wonder if Rev. Mack Daddy also awarded himself a Birth Certificate?

Come on down and get your award, Rev. Mack Daddy!

Lawn Jockey of the Week - Rev. "Mack Daddy" Manning

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Orange Jumpsuit Award – The ACORN Pimp

Acorn Antagonist Arrested in New Orleans

ACRON Pimp Trading His Furry Duds for and Orange Jumpsuit?

Four young men posing as telephone repairmen have been arrested for allegedly interfering with the telephones in Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office in downtown New Orleans, including James O’Keefe 3rd, a conservative filmmaker whose undercover videos have scandalized the ACORN voter registration operation.

According to a federal affidavit unsealed Tuesday in New Orleans, O’Keefe and three others were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses to commit a felony on Monday when they told the senator’s aide they were repairmen and needed access to the main phone line at the reception desk.

O’Keefe has appeared on numerous conservative stations with his videos of ACORN operations. He is most widely known for pretending to be a pimp and secretly taping ACORN officials in several cities, where he obtained advice on tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution. To many he has become a conservative folk hero and has promised similar techniques to ambush other liberal organizations.

Another of the defendants, 24-year-old Robert Flanagan, was identified as the son of William Flanagan, the top federal prosecutor and acting head of the United States Attorney’s Office in Shreveport, La.

According to FBI Special Agent Stephen Rayes, O’Keefe was the first to appear in Landrieu’s reception area in the late morning Monday on the tenth floor of the Hale Boggs Federal Building. He told a member of the senator’s staff that he was “waiting for someone to arrive.”

The agent said that Flanagan and Joseph Basel, 24, then appeared in the reception area, “each dressed in blue denim pants, a blue work shirt, a light fluorescent vest, a tool belt and carrying white, construction-style hard hats.” They said they were there “to fix problems with the telephone system.”

As O’Keefe appeared to be filming them from his cell phone, Basel ”manipulated” the handset of the receptionist’s phone and Basel tried to call that number from another phone. But “he stated that he could not get through.”

Flanagan and Basel next asked for access to the telephone closet and told a General Services Administration employee on the tenth floor that they were there to repair the phone lines, Agent Rayes said. When asked for their credentials, Flanagan and Basel said they had left their identification in their vehicle.

All four men were arrested, and Agent Rayes said Flanagan and Basel admitted they were not phone repairmen and had entered Landrieu’s office under false pretenses.

The men were released Tuesday on unsecured bonds of $10,000 each.

Come on down, James III…And get your award!

Walking Away From the Pain

The New Mortgage Revolution: Walk Away

Underwater on your McMansion? Dump the Mortgage!

Big real estate developers do it all the time – like yesterday, when the owner of New York City’s Stuyvesant Town complex decided to stop paying its $3 billion mortgage. So why are you still writing a check every month on that mortgage that’s much bigger than your home is actually worth?

Good question, University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler says. Thaler tells New York Times readers that it’s not just alright to walk away from one’s over-sized mortgage — it may actually be a moral imperative. (An earlier Times article, by Roger Lowenstein, said much the same thing.) After all, lenders had no second thoughts about lending more than many borrowers could afford or than the homes might actually be worth. It’s just not fair to expect borrowers to follow rules that the lenders don’t.

But why stop there? Some commentators are now calling on borrowers to start a mass mortgage strike.
“Remember burning draft cards? Burn your mortgage,” the blog DailyKos told readers recently:

“The real risk to the banks and investors is that the people in those homes might just decide to walk away. And that’s what we must do. Doesn’t have to be everybody, of course; but anyone who finds themselves seriously underwater with no hope of ever recouping their investment….just walk away Renee. Morality has nothing to do with it. You are a cog in the wheel of a machine that is killing this country and if you remain a cog you enable it. Remove your cog and the machine will not keep running. Remove millions of cogs and the machine gets replaced.”

Now the call for a borrowers’ revolt is being joined by folks who know an opportunity when they see it: real estate agents. Over the past month, agents have been rushing to declare 2010 “the year of the strategic default.” Here’s Connecticut Realtor Minna Reid

Loan modifications do not address the real problem of heavy negative equity and are sure to fail most of the time. Even if the homeowner lowers their current payment they are left more trapped than ever. There will be no quick recovery this time. Years later when there is a need to HAVE TO move, the original problem of being upside down remains and the modified homeowner is left to short sell or foreclose once again.

Isn’t it better to just cut the losses upfront ?

I know many will consider strategic default wrong or immoral, but as for me, I stopped passing judgment long ago.

Reid is far from the only real estate agent using mass revolt against the banks as a sales strategy. San Diego broker Bob Schwartz asks, “How many homeowners will suddenly wake up to the fact that their home is now worth tens of thousands of dollars less than their mortgage balance? Only the naive will believe that their San Diego home’s value will bounce back anytime soon…. Defaulting “strategically” can entice more walk-aways by buying all the major items they may need in the near future, such as a car or even a house, right before they take a hike. As long as you stay current with other mortgage lenders, one could potentially have a good credit standing in 2 years after the walk-away.”

Ouch for the banks! But strategically not a bad move.

President Obama’s Favorability Rating? 72%

America's Model Family?

Obamas’ carefully crafted image of ordinariness may be working

It’s not the glamour French cuisine of the “Camelot” White House under John and Jacqueline Kennedy. It’s not the cowboy boots and Texas barbecue of Lyndon B. Johnson, or Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s mix of designer clothes and brush-cutting getaways at the ranch.

But Barack and Michelle Obama have put a distinctive stamp on the White House during their first year there, and it’s not what many in Washington expected.

Instead of reflecting their barrier-breaking distinctiveness — the first black president, the first first lady with a high-powered executive career — the Obamas have projected a carefully crafted image of ordinariness.

What has emerged is a kind of neo-1950s vision of the first family as the embodiment of traditional “American mom, dad and the kids” values.

“If you were to create the perfect American family in the laboratory, the Obamas would be it,” said Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University. “That whole family is the model of perfect, young, forward-thinking, good-looking Americans.”

The president, who is known to have a passion for basketball, now also plays golf in his free time, and more recently, tennis. The first lady, who initially attracted attention for her outspoken comments and bare-shouldered outfits, grows vegetables in a backyard garden.

And she now follows the lead of most other first ladies in championing noncontroversial causes — support for military families and healthful eating.

Nor have the Obamas made a splash on the Washington social circuit, choosing instead to stick close to old friends.

The image seems to be working.

In a recent survey, the Obamas topped the list of celebrities Americans most wanted as neighbors, beating out former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

And a sparkling inauguration, an organic garden and scores of magazine covers have contributed to Michelle Obama’s likability. In Gallup polls, her favorability rating has shot up since moving into the White House, climbing 20 percentage points in March 2009 from its 43% low in June 2008.

President Obama’s favorability is at 72%, according to a Gallup survey this month. (more)

Beautiful wife, two beautiful daughters, and leader of the Free World…

Not bad.

A Fool and His Money – Scam

This one has to be one for the books! Look at the two Blue Ray disc players below -

The difference?


The one on the top is made by Lexicon and costs $3,500.00. The one on the bottom is sold by Oppo and retails for $500.00.

The real difference – nada, zero, zilch… zip. Unless you count paying $3,000.00 for for the spiffy white aluminum cabinet worth $3,000.00.

Blu-ray Maker Re-Boxes $500 Player, Charges $3,500

Above you see two Blu-ray players. On the bottom is the Oppo BDP-83, a $500 machine. On top is the Lexicon BD-30, which will set you back $3,500. Can you spot the difference, apart from the price?

It’s a trick question. There is no difference, at least not on the inside. In a daring matryoshka-like move, it appears that Lexicon simply bought a batch of Oppos and put them in new cases. Lest you think we are being picky here, or that Lexicon somehow took the guts of the Oppo and redesigned the surrounding circuitry, let us clarify. If you open up the $3,500 Lexicon, you will find an entire Oppo Blu-ray player inside, intact, with its original chassis.

These were the findings of Audioholics, the “Online A/V Magazine”. Suspicions were raised after spotting the Lexicon at the 2009 CEDIA Expo in Atlanta: “Looking at the player, its button layout and, most importantly, it’s [sic] rear panel, showed us that this product had the exact same layout as the Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player” writes Audioholics’ Clint DeBoer. Clint called one in for review, and here’s what he found:

When we received the player the first thing we did was open it up to get a look at the inside. Imagine my surprise when I found that not only did the Lexicon share the same boards and transport as the Oppo – it was in fact AN OPPO BDP-83 PLAYER, CHASSIS AND ALL, SHOVED INSIDE AN ALUMINUM LEXICON WRAPPER.

Oops. Audioholics didn’t bother to actually review the machine, as the Oppo had already been tested. The reviewers did, however, run some audio analyses to check out the one real difference between the two players: the more expensive Lexicon has THX certification.

The test shed more light on the THX certification process than on the players themselves. The units tested almost identically, no different than had they been two examples of the same model (which, really, they are). So that’s what an extra $3,000 buys you: a THX label and a new, aluminum faceplate.

Now, I admit I’m an audiophile who thinks Bose went out of the audio business shortly after producing the classic 901 Speakers 30 years ago, and that the vastly overpriced crap they foist off on the public nowadays is a function of the fact modern humans have their eardrums surgically removed by IPods…but damn!

Be careful out there folks, America if full a fraudsters.

Pierre Garcon – Another of Haiti’s Children Makes Them Proud

I guess you don’t really realize the number of Haitian immigrants to this country who have contributed, and continue to contribute to the social, economic, and educational fabric of this country. One of the very very few good things to come out of the Haitian Earthquake disaster is that we Americans have become more educated and aware of Haitian contributions to our own country. On the scale of things – this one isn’t that important…

But a joy nonetheless (at least to Colts Fans).

Pierre Garcon, the NFL-AFC Division Trophy... And the Flag og Haiti

Rep. Grayson and Olbermann SCUMUS Corporate Sale of the Government

If you thought Rep Grayson wasn’t going to raise holy hell on this one…You were wrong!

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Cornel West Speaks Truth to Obama

Cornel West nails this one. I think it’s time the Obama Administation spend a lot more time on running the country, instead of running from criticism from the right. There comes a point when an appeal to reason doesn’t work, cajoling, doesn’t work, and shaming doesn’t work…

And the only appeal to logic left is a good left hook, firmly planting the recalcitrant on their kiester. President Obama needs to come out swinging against the right wing syncopates and corporate bought lackeys – and start serving the people who elected him in the first place.

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I Think He’s Pissed!

Olbermann on the abomination the SCUMUS 5 commuted last week -

Part II -

Geopolitical Shift – Why We Are Going to Be Nice to Mr Chavez…

The dumb as rocks conservatives really gave President Obama a hard time when he greeted and shook hands with Venezuelan President Chavez.

Venezuela oil ‘may double Saudi Arabia’

A new US assessment of Venezuela’s oil reserves could give the country double the supplies of Saudi Arabia.

Scientists working for the US Geological Survey say Venezuela’s Orinoco belt region holds twice as much petroleum as previously thought.

The geologists estimate the area could yield more than 500bn barrels of crude oil.

This assessment is far more optimistic than even the best case scenario put forward by President Hugo Chavez.

The USGS team gave a mean estimate of 513bn barrels of “technically recoverable” oil in the Orinoco belt.

Chris Schenk of the USGS said the estimate was based on oil recovery rates of 40% to 45%.

Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), Venezuela’s state oil company, has not commented on the news.

However, Venezuelan oil geologist and former PDVSA board member Gustavo Coronel was sceptical.

“I doubt the recovery factor could go much higher than 25% and much of that oil would not be economic to produce”, he told Associated Press news agency.

Venezuela holds the largest oil reserves outside the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has proven reserves of 260bn barrels.

Line forms on the right for the “Drill Baby, Drill” conservatives…

To kiss Chavez’s ass.

Meet Governor Deval Patrick

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick speaks to the press -

Part 2 -

You Thought Tiger Had Problems?

Ex-mistress puts Oracle executive on the spot

Thia Billboard was posted in Times Square in NYC

Huge billboards depicting the married software executive with YaVaughnie Wilkins, his former mistress, appeared this week in New York, Atlanta and San Francisco, setting tabloid tongues wagging.

The billboards with the words “You are my soulmate forever!” appeared to be an attempt by Wilkins to embarrass Phillips after their relationship ended and he returned to his wife.

“I had an 8 1/2-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well,” Phillips, 50, said in a statement released through a spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman would not elaborate on the status of Phillips’ marriage.

The billboards also featured the address of a web site, http://www.charlesphillipsandyavaughniewilkins.com, that contains more than 1,200 photos of Wilkins and Phillips together from 2001 to 2009, some 65 karaoke tracks and about 35 articles written by Wilkins, according to its designer, Bela Kovacs of San Jose, California.

“She (Wilkins) told me it was a gift to Charles,” Kovacs said. He said the site was put up online in late October, where it gathered little attention until the billboards appeared.

The billboard in New York was dismantled on Friday.

Wilkins could not be reached by telephone or email for comment. A spokeswoman for ClearChannel, which operates the billboards, said the company had no comment.

Phillips, who is also a member of Oracle’s board of directors, joined the software company in 2003. Prior to that, he worked for Morgan Stanley investment bank.

In February 2009, Phillips was appointed to the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board to help provide the Obama administration with economic advice.

Obama Wusses Out… Again

The chickenshit Dumbocrats gave the Rethuglys yet another victory yesterday – chickening out on what was a very important fight.

Rethuglys only care about winning political points…

And don’t give a damn how many Americans die as a result.

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McCain and the Faux News

McCain gets his facts from Faux News apparently…


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